Best Zip Line Kits 2017

Sets the line of the Zipper can be a fun and unique add-ons in the backyard; they use them for both children and adults. However, there are several things to consider when choosing the best home. If you want to travel far through the zipper, you need to go fast. This is because the acceleration affects the distance.

Because zip lines are not driven by the engine, and depend only on gravity to move, you need to start high and slowly, to cut the line. Zip line, created to the highest credit, as a rule, will not have seats and steering wheel. So, because it’s safer to commit them directly to the stroller using the straps, carabiner clip and leash.

Although, of course, invigorating the previously mentioned set of zip lines may not be safe for children. Buying a set of zip-line for children, buy one that is designed for use on the lower base. Four percent of child deaths occur annually due to falls , in particular, for a Playground in the yard. Safe for kids, zip lines are usually equipped with a seat and steering wheel . Make sure that the steering wheel has non-slip grips.

Because the installation and removal of prints zip can take some time, it is best to do it only once. So get set resistant to weathering; therefore, you do not have to run outside to take it off every time it rains. If you have no patience for installation, see the kit that you can drag and drop between two trees without any additional equipment.

Safety instructions for the ride on Zip lines
Part of the fun zip line is that they can move surprisingly quickly. Some are traveling, even up to 100 miles per hour , but it can also be dangerous. As a rule, they are also attuned to the unpredictable and uncontrolled areas, where the riders put themselves at risk to escape to the Bush or flying bird. Zip line lines, which use a harness and leash, leave the driver without the use of hands. If you are in a very open area, do not stretch the arms out to the side or over itself during the movement of the line of the zipper, because you have something to hit.

Avoid loose or long clothing during movement on the line of the zipper, since they can be clamped on a branch. To wear a long scarf a-line zipper could be very dangerous. If you are caught on something, can choke rider. If you place a line, zip on a lake or reservoir, make sure that the players always wear a life jacket . You can install a zip line as part of a course rope, which appeared to have many psychological benefits . In this case, make sure that children are not trying to cling to the rider and not pushing in line, waiting their turn at the top of the tree.

Most sets will contain a helmet, but if you have a high quality helmet at home, you can wear it during the movement on the line of the zipper. If not, you have to buy a special zip line or climbing helmet. Make sure that the people on the estate know that the zip line is in use, so that the person doesn’t suspect, does not pass through the yard, and not able to get directly to the line of motion. If przymocowujesz your kit for trees, make sure that they are very thick and sturdy.

The story line zipper
While today people can use the zip line just for fun, these devices were originally utilitarian. Historians have speculated on whether there is a lining with slider native to the Himalayas, or South America. They agree that for the first time used it to overcome difficult areas to get to remote villages, which otherwise would not be reached by land or water. Largely zip line were the predecessors of the aircraft.

The British first used lining with zipper for leisure purposes. In the XVII century there were people, which was engaged in the towers of the Church and spent most of the day in these high towers. Some of them understand that instead of having to climb down at the end of his shift, unable to go on line. Although it was in the beginning of the practical, the crowds that gathered to watch cool people, they do it. Enjoying the attention, the players started to perform various stunts, and externally would seem that the trip down was more visually interesting.

The lining of the slider, which we know today, was inspired by the climbers. In Australia, trawersie Tyrolean climbers attach the rope between two points attached to it a pulley and forced to ride it from point a to point B. However, in the case of these devices, the user must manually pull along the rope and have not experienced the movements of hands without using hands, which have modern locks-lightnings.