Best Women’s Golf Clubs 2017

Although experienced players will not be a watershed event, a set of great Golf clubs are worth a lot of money. In fact, for the best complete set women’s Golf clubs, you can pay almost 1500 $. The surprise is that you can get quite a decent set of clubs for about one-fifth of that price. Many beautiful club sets for the game of Golf only costs about $ 300, and this includes a bag with a large compartment for clubs, balls, tees, gloves and other accessories.

Each set of women’s clubs must contain at least six or seven clubs that can be considered complete. Look for a set with a good driver and a good kijkiem because it is probably the most important clubs in the game. The appeal for greater attention to these two clubs is an integral part of making shared decisions on set. (Of course, you can always improve your kit if you already have a pitcher you like, but when you buy it separately, putters worth a lot of money.)

In addition putterem and driver think about forests and żelazkach, which are included in the set. Knowing that the combination of these clubs fairwaya will be best for You, you need to know about your personal the game of Golf. If you want to use the power of food to send the ball to the green on the same drive as the fairway, then you need a good 3-wood in your kit. These clubs are generally used by women who want to hit the ball up to 180 meters. If you prefer a few shorter, more targeted hits to ensure the ball ends up near the hole and minimize the risks associated with the transfer of it too far, and then 8-iron to 9-iron, pitching wedge , has a greater value than wood.

In addition to the actual choice of clubs that are members of this Golf club for women, it is necessary to consider other features, such as what is included the bag has a cover, a raincoat, is there any clubs have their own protective cover and so on. The more accessories included in the kit, the less you’ll have to buy later to complete the set.

The basics of posture in Golf
Mastering the basics of good the game of Golf is a prerequisite for good Golf. Before you can improve your accuracy and distance and lower your score, you must learn how to stand and how to hold the club. Please note that the corresponding position in Golf is almost the same for men and women, although women sometimes take relatively more stable position than men because of the shape of the hips. Balance and movement associated with the swing however, the same.

Start by concentrating on the posture. When it is ready for installation , the feet should be directly over the shoulder, the hips should be slightly delayed, torso should be slightly tilted forward, and knees slightly bent. One of the ways training a good position for the rocking – stick five or sześciofuntowego weight in both hands just above and in front of the navel; the natural correction of your body will be close to the hip and the position of the torso in a good position for Golf.

Then focus on the grip of the club . First, put your dominant hand on the club, gently grasping the stem near the bottom of the Mace. The club should lie between the first and second kłyknięciem palm. Then put your other hand above on the handle, placing it on top of the palm, and then twist around her fingers. Your adhesion to the Golf club needs to be safe, but never too intense.

If we are talking about big swings, this can be achieved only through careful practice.

Women’s golfers in the game
For too long time Golf professional was considered in the first place for male discipline. But out of reach of the light, the Golf has always been a work that equally by both sexes. Going back to the beginning of the game, with historical characters, including the tragic Mary, Queen of Scots, who play in the middle of the XVI century .

Unlike contact sports, size matters in the game of Golf. Success is based more on stealth and skill than on physical strength, so women golfers can get statistics that are competing with their male counterparts. Lydia Ko , for example, only 5’5 “, but now there are more sklasyfikowaną woman golfistką on the road LPGA , and has earned more than $ 7 million in just three years of the professional game.

While players such as tiger woods, and the last great Arnold Palmer are still the most famous golfistami, many women, such as Koh, it grows to fit its position. And while for many years dominated American golfistki, today women’s golf is becoming more and more international. Players from the top ten coming from seven different countries, including the USA, but with Nowozelandczykiem at the top of the list, with Thailand and Canada zaokrąglającymi the top three places.

Currently Annika Sorenstam golfistkę is considered the best of all times and peoples. Won ten major Championships and has won eight awards Player of the Year during your szesnastoletniej professional career. Sorenstam won a total of 72 LPGA events, the record is broken for some players. While two other women have won more events than her, including outstanding Kathy Whitworth, who holds the record of winning 88 LPGA victories, Sorenstam was power on major international routes and at major events in the game.