Best Wireless Routers 2017

Price range between wireless routers are comparable to the prices Straight of Gibraltar, the depth of which reaches from 300 to 900 meters. This does not mean that this corresponds to the labels, the price of a wireless router, but we explain that costs can vary significantly. So how do you decide which router would be best for them? The answer to this question is not so black and white, and Your deciding factor may depend on what you are looking for at a price you can afford.

The first note depends on wireless network coverage you’re interested. Ask yourself the question, how big is your property, whether house, apartment, small business, or corporate building. Not only that, but consider the construction of these apartments. Depending on the building materials, wireless signals can be suppressed . This means that if the walls have a thickness of 4 inches, you will need a router that promises a range and puts it in the open, rather than hiding it in some corner. However, as distance can increase the cost of the router, it may happen that you buy it at a lower price and rely on the use of antennas to improve performance.

The number and types of devices you plan to connect to the router, will also influence the choice. To do this, you will want to look at wireless protocols: these long strings of numbers that start with 8. Your laptop and your smartphone will almost certainly use wi-fi 802.11 n, so if you only use a few of these types of devices are likely to work well with 802.11 n wireless router. But if we are talking about many mobile devices as well as on smart TVs, gaming consoles etc. You can glance at the newest, more efficient wi-fi technology such as 802.11 ac, with the possibility of coding ; where Wi-Fi signals go directly to the device instead of having to bounce around the apartment in a chaotic manner.

Another option is the technology MU-MIMO, which provides better performance for multiple devices. The catch is such that benefits only some devices, and you have to make sure that your device is enabled MU-MIMO. Functions which are not so difficult to estimate, include the number of available USB ports, regardless of whether it has removable antenna that allows the network guests, and if you have children, regardless of provides parental controls .

Why Fi?
Twenty years ago, nearly 220 million Americans have a television in their home; a number that has since halved. Also twenty years ago, nearly 120 million Americans used the Internet. Today, that number has doubled. Do you see the relationship? As you could tell, Albus Dumbledore, is evidence that the Internet takes over the world, it is undeniable – just ask the 13% of Americans that don’t use. Itself Asia recorded growth in the use of the Internet at 622%, at the same time; it’s the largest Internet users in the world.

It is obvious that people have unsaturated need to use the Internet , but why Wi-Fi, I was once known as the “bad brother” license of communication, has today become a standard for viewing web pages? In the end 94% of the customers of the hotel believes that wi-fi is the most important convenience ; 34% believe that it is a cracker of a deal. This is largely due to the motion data. People today are in constant motion and tend to have a device in range, if it is not already in their face – at least 70% of people. All these networks use the clogs, which leads to slow speed performance, which leads to the fact that these monopolistyczne companies need to deal with a dissatisfied client.

Another huge factor that dictates the popularity of Wi-Fi is seemingly not the end of the world of smartphones, laptops and tablets. Ethernet can run faster than a wireless connection, but in our time nobody wants to be linked by cable. We are talking about portability, hence the extreme demand and the expansion of wi-fi. But maybe the main reason why we always want to be connected to the Internet, is that it is our passport to the whole world.

People used to fill libraries for the acquisition of knowledge; Google is now a step away from the answer to your question. With Wi-Fi the possibilities are endless and there is so much to discover. With Wi-Fi always learning, always looking and with a small profession and zero obligations. Let’s face it, wireless connection to the Internet is the best relationship you ever had . And with a little time extra millions of device owners will increasingly depend on wi-fi routers that we unite.

Article 2004 on Wi-Fi will make you feel Hella Old
Let’s be honest, we felt a little silly when we went to study the history, Wi-Fi . A quick glance at the relevant article in Wikipedia will confirm that someone who has more than 15 years, probably already thinking: it’s really not a long time because the Internet came into our homes via modem dial-up, which created a, e, distinctive sounds. And, at least being an ancient – so we thought.

Not yet found in this article .

It was the year 2004. Christina Milian was at a low level. The Oceana franchise was only twelve. And the newspaper ” The Economist pondered a short history of a little thing called Wi-Fi.

There are two aspects of this article that we believe are fascinating. The first of these is the tone of the article to explain to readers what ” Wi-Fi “, which makes that the kids are so excited: “Among the maniacs, it inspired a mania unseen since the days of the Internet boom.”

Second, when the article tries to predict the future. This gives a little understanding of that Wi-Fi can undermine the development of mobile networks, claiming that it was unrealistic … in part because “subscribe to one network of hotspots (like coffee shops), and you can’t use hotspots at the airport “. Imagine!

In fact, these limitations of this technology that causes delusions that “Wi-Fi is also danger in the house”! Instead, in accordance with the voice, since 2004, We should all now talk about WiMax and WiMedia. What now?

This piece “the Economist” is not just good for a laugh: well established information and interesting case of careless science and politics – which was the introduction of wifi in our homes and public places (not to mention, why do so called Wi-Fi!). So start the WiMax connection and let him read it.