Best Wireless Adapters 2017

Wi-Fi for home use was not released until 1997, but the technology has been used long before that . In 1971, ALOHAnet was able to unite the Hawaiian Islands via a wireless gprs network a GPRS UHF, known as the ALOHA Protocol . Then in the late 80-ies. AT & T began integrating Wave LAN systems offices. Both of these technologies can be considered the forerunner of Wi-Fi we know and love today.

As you can imagine, in these earlier systems, wireless had a lot of limitations and mistakes, and the reception was often irregular . The carry signal wave information odbijałby from walls and other objects, limiting its range and impact on data transfer.

In 1997, the Committee, composed of engineers from Bell Labs, IEEE, and NCR, have agreed to og├│lnofederalny wireless standard. It includes a data transfer rate of 2 MB / sec, and use one of two technologies, a wide spectrum of action: live broadcast of the serial or frequency division. It was originally known as IEEE 802.11 b Direct Sequence” and then renamed Wi-Fi in 1999, the company consulting company brand Interbrand Corporation.

After the introduction of the standard for wireless local area networks (WLAN), the engineers immediately started work on the prototype equipment, which was in accordance with this system. In 1999. Released the first routers for home use and caused a revolution Wi-Fi, which quickly led to the wireless Internet in most homes across America. Lucent developed the first Wi-Fi adapter for less than $ 100, the Apple company using brand AirPort, has introduced an integrated Wi-Fi function in your iBooku.

Less than 20 years from the original issue alarm, Wi-Fi, penetrated into daily life, thus, what no one could have foreseen. It is available not only in almost any restaurant type fast food, cafe, hotel and a bookstore, but is available even in many types of transport, from trains and buses, aircraft and cruise ships. For many people under the age of 21 years a world without Wi-Fi and instant access to information exceeds the limits of their imagination.

How to work wireless cards
When many people think about wireless network adapters, often think that this is equivalent to connecting to the Internet, but it’s not. Wireless adapters do not provide online services, but can also be used to connect a computer system that does not have an integrated system of wireless Wi-Fi router. The router gets the Internet connection through a modem often cable or DSL.

Wireless adapters come in two different types : models, internal and external models. External models can be connected to a USB port or Ethernet, or they can be inserted into the slot for a memory card. Internal models are located in the PCI slot and will require you to strip the computer case to install them.

For the average person the best choice would be the USB adaptor or the memory card. Not need to open the computer case and can be quickly switch from computer to computer if necessary.

No matter which type you choose, they will all work the same way . First get a signal from the computer, which then turns into a radio wave and is transmitted via external or internal antenna to the router. Wi-Fi adapter enables two-way transmission, and receive data from the routers.

The benefits of using a wireless adapter
Use the wireless adapter has many advantages, chief of which is the fact that there is no need to physically connect a cable to the computer to access the Internet services. It provides true mobility with a laptop or tablet to these devices. You will be able to choose in most cafes or bookstores and connect to their free Wi-Fi signal, and you don’t have to worry about a short Ethernet cable, limiting the places you can do at home or in the office.

If you have an older model laptop or desktop computer may not be accessible to the embedded controller in the wireless network interface . Using the wireless adapter allows you to upgrade the computer to work with the Wi-Fi signals for a nominal fee, instead of spending a lot of money to buy a new computer. If you buy an external card, don’t even have to install any hardware inside the computer case, to prevent damage to the computer.

Another great advantage of external wireless adapters is that they can be used on multiple computers. Just disconnect it from one device and connect another, and for the second, you can use Wi-Fi on another computer. You don’t need to buy any additional adapters for each computer if you need to use them at the same time. Most of models available today also works with Mac operating systems and Windows.