Best Windproof Lighters 2017

There are several items that currently are unable in certain periods seem nothing more than a way to make the main objective easier, and at other times it may be a point of support in a situation of life or death . Can withstand winds lighter this is certainly a narrow category of exceeding the boundary between convenience and necessity.

Regardless of whether a cigar lit for a few seconds, despite the fact that the wind blows down the street, or rozpalacie a BBQ in the afternoon sharp, well wiatroodporna lighter gets warm where it should be. This is also true if you are trying to light the torch during a storm, or you’re trying to catch hubÄ™ getting caught in the fire that he could venture on a frosty night when you’re stuck in the wild.

Most wiatroodpornych lighter small size and light, and their price also in price. Some of them are designed in such a way that they were stylish and some of them are function over form. The selection of the appropriate wiatroodpornej lighter depends on the lifestyle , interests and desire to cook. This category of products, in which you’ll be happy, the budget is not a problem: most wiatroodpornych lighters worth from ten to twenty dollars.

The choice of a suitable cigarette lighter wiatroodpornej
There are many types of lighters, which are under the umbrella of “windproof”, and at first, to be clear, none of the lighter is 100% resistant to wind . A sharp gust of wind extinguishes the flame, so that in fact these lighters should be considered to be very stable in the wind. (Some types of lighters offer the best resistance to the wind, but not the heat produced is more difficult to extract, therefore decreases the advantage).

To the smoker cigarette the perfect electric cigarette lighter “plasma”. These lighters form a small electric arc hot, so hot that almost immediately infest the tip of a cigarette or small cigar, and work well even in a strong wind, because it is not the true flame that would shoot.

Lighter cygarowej or pipes, lighter plate “jet flame” is the best choice, because it requires a larger flame to light the tobacco at the time.

But in order to light a charcoal barbecue or a bonfire (or what may be fire, fire, given the situation), lighter with double flames, with the drive complex Bhutan, is a great choice, especially if it’s a cover with a lock tightly, protecting it item flame when not in use.

Another category wiatroodpornych lighter uses the same approach as lighter (now widely considered to be the DC Jack) in your car, relying on electricity to heat a small item like a miniature burner electric cooker. They are among the safest wiatroodpornych lighters, because it produces no open flame, but they are also very inefficient, except to light cigarettes, small cigars, and maybe lighters to bottles on 4 July.

Due to the relatively low cost of most wiatroodpornych lighters may not be necessary to select one type of heat source as a heat source; a reply which wiatroodporna lighter fits your needs best, can refuse to choose only one, and instead keep a lighter on hand to record something, a cigar, and another type in the storage compartment or in a backpack to help you survive an unexpected storm.

Windproof Lighter use and maintenance
Standard wiatroodporna lighter type “jet flame” requires re-filling with butane under pressure, when the tank is empty. The enrichment process is simple and takes only a few seconds. However, when lighters have problems with their electrical ignition system usually does not have a cheap way to fix them, and they should be discarded and replaced.

The average lighter weight of the arc requires charging via USB with an average of 200 applications; some last longer, some last less. The advantage of this type lighters is that their fuel source is very rich , but the downside is that they lose their charge at a time, while a butane lighter, for example, saves your fuel, for many months. Make sure that the area between the bright knots clean and free from fluff or other contaminants, because the cigarette lighter there is a risk of fire.

Symbolic Zippo lighter is the main subject that refers to the number of light wiatroodpornych category. Use of conventional wick and burn liquid fuels, namely, their physical design, not the burner or the fuel that makes them resistant to the wind. Small holes drilled in the frame of the windscreen around the wick allow the wind to pass around the flame, which leads to the fact that he dances and flashes, but does not allow a direct impact on the impulse, which could extinguish the flames.

These lighters look and work well in dry conditions, but require extensive maintenance work, the wick and flint require regular replacement, and the process of refilling takes, and sometimes dirty.