Best Waterproof Mp3 Players 2017

It is widely known that water and electronics don’t mix. However, this is not entirely true. When there is a lot of electronic devices, water often represents a significant part of their production. For example, when creating printed circuit boards, they often repeatedly rinsed in water to remove any dirt or residue after soldering.

The water itself represents a lower risk factor than is generally understood in electronics. In fact it is particles in the water causing problems with electronics. Corrosion particles, especially salt and minerals in sea water and water from the tap, can quickly lead to corrosion of electronic devices that connect and work. Particles in the water can quickly distribute the energy of the battery for unforeseen elements of the electronic device.

This is often components, such as capacitors and transistors that can be overloaded or corroded too much energy. The LCD screens of many electronic devices susceptible to irreversible damage when in contact with water. This is because water is often trapped between digitization and glass. Most batteries also uses the alkaline elements that are very reactive with water. Contact with water, even in small quantities can destroy the battery.

In the case of small home electronics are often easy to fix. After removing the power supply from the device, it can be quickly disassembled, rinsed with clean water and allow to dry on towels in the sun. Destroyed electronic devices of this type often have minor injuries or do not bring them at all.

If we are talking about more complex electronic devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players, this process is slightly more complicated. Most modern products built in the distance, preventing their separation. Regardless of whether it’s to protect the commercial secrets and the prevention of manipulation, increases the likelihood of loss in the event of an accident. While many people prefer to place the device in a bag of rice niegotowanego, it’s not a guarantee. Bag of rice is not even best option of home use to save wet electronics and should actually be unikana to prevent further damage. Anyone who regularly spends time near water, should look for waterproof devices of daily use such as MP3 players and mobile phones.

As the Waterproofing has evolved over many years
The concept of waterproofing is that the object or surface is extremely waterproof, to such an extent that the water does not affect. Nature has many water-resistant surfaces such as kacze feathers, or the petals of a Lotus flower.

The practice of isolation wodochronnych lasts for centuries, when wooden boats were covered with a variety of resins and fluids to prevent water from getting inside. The dry straw often mixed with wax or mineral pakiem and wypychano cracks between the boards. Then these plates will be covered with another layer of resin, wax, resin or oil, fatty acids. Everything from acids animal fats for pine resin, used to retain water from the tank or vessel.

Nowadays, waterproofing continues to require the use of waterproof coatings and sealing open seams, it is only the material has changed. Advanced hydrophobic coatings find their application in various embodiments. The coating was developed to prevent the adhesion of ice to the aircraft during the flight in the air.

This process is very important for the safe operation of the airline. Necessary liquids can freeze during flight, if the ice will remain unselected. Heating methods have been used in the past, but require a lot of excess energy. In addition, developed a disposable hydrophobic material, but it required the use before each flight.

Modern materials superhydrofobowe particularly interesting because of their potential for future widespread use. Super hydrophobic materials can be used to create corrosion-resistant metals, bezzielinowych clothes, samoczyszczÄ…cych of the building structure and waterproof electronics, to name a few.

There are two approaches to the replication of a natural phenomenon of waterproofing. The first is chemical modification of the surface, which needs to be sealed. This includes a significant reduction in its surface so that water couldn’t get it to stick. The second process is PVC coated the surface of the object that is to be impregnated, in the structures in nano-scale, which repel water. These nanoskalowe structure, you can even create to selectively repel water molecules, allowing other organic compounds.

The advantages of waterproof MP3 players
The advantage of using a waterproof MP3 player, of course, water resistance. This function is most often associated with the prevention of accidents. Damage mp3 before burying to the bathroom, wash in the washing machine or getting into the water is often impossible to fix.

Water pollution can occur as a result of condensation , for example, when you download mp3 player for warm belt during a workout at the gym. In such cases, waterproof MP3 player can provide a sense of comfort and confidence that nothing will happen in the event of an accident.

Instead of focusing solely on possible cases, waterproof MP3 players can also provide joy where other machines can’t. As a workout of low intensity swimming is often regarded as one of the best exercises for your body. In spite of this, not as popular as, for example, machines for the treadmill. Could this be due to the fact that it is difficult to enter the zone during the voyage.

Swimming requires the use of the whole body and not conducive to watching TV or listening to music. Of waterproof MP3 players, it should not be. Swimmers can get in the zone listening to music on a waterproof MP3 player during swimming.

The same pleasure can be obtained under the shower or in the bath, listening to music randomly after a long day. Also, Internet users can make a conclusion that music helps them to spend time between successive waves in a more courteous manner. People who catch fish, can also benefit from a waterproof MP3 player without worrying that it will be damaged during the winding in a big fish.