Best Watch Winders 2017

Let’s imagine that you got a nice automatic Rolex watch from a family member. To be transferred to you as a family. Looks great, feels great and even sounds great. You know, because actually he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth your wrist to your ear to hear the quiet clicks and the ticking of the clock. But, maybe I’m afraid to mess with such a valuable item, especially if you decide for a few days, free from wearing it. In the end, you want to watch it even survived a few generations, but You don’t like the idea below is always to mix, especially if there are additional features that require constant winding for accuracy. If this situation describes you, maybe in Your future there is a mechanism for scrolling .

Winding a watch is a device created specifically for watches (samozwijających) that hold the transfer if the clock is not actually used. Automatic watches usually nawijają using the internal weight that spins / rotates when watch is in motion. When this inner weight changes, turn on the winding mechanism inside the watch. Said watch winder replaces the natural movement of hands and wrists, which would otherwise automatically naciągnęłyby hours after use. This makes the pull-in clock is a very useful tool if you plan not to wear the watch for a long time.

Watch for hours and can accommodate several watches at a time will work, turning the watch in a circular motion, simulating the natural movement of the hand to activate the mechanisms of automatic winding.

But what if I will be able to air my automatic watch? What then? Overwinding an automatic watch is not very likely given that the watch has a mechanism of disconnection of the winding, when the spring is fully wound. But no need to abuse the mechanism of the winding (e.g. during the day), because the clock only needs about 30-45 minutes of continuous turns of the winder.

The style and aesthetics of the pull-in hours can be just as important as working well. Wheelchairs can be a very simple and functional style, allowing the watch to just keep the outdoor unit, and rotates on a simple table. Because watches are often considered jewelry, some believe that they pull more like furniture. He said that the design in this case, as a rule, more complex (i.e., Elegant forest, closed-box, fancy pillow, for hours, even built-in heaters to keep the watch at room temperature).

Watches are also available as battery operated or powered by AC . The unit is battery powered especially useful storage drawer and safe, especially if your hours are valuable.

Personal choice
As in the case of watches that you choose to wear and collect, the choice of storage / winding also is very open to personal choice. While investments in the pull-in hours must take into account several things including available space, cost, as a large collection of automatic watches, how many changes has to be wound and which is best suited to the interior space. Of course, these features are not exhaustive.

Wheelchairs have many different shapes and sizes . Think about where you want to put the winder in the house. If you prefer to display it as a business card for the guests when they fall? If so, is to invest a little more in the winder with closed offices and the elegant forest on the outside can be a good way to take. It can be wheelchairs which have a glossy finish and really stand out. In addition, some wheelchairs have built-in LED lights to display at night. Even if the location is limited usually, you can find wheelchairs which are still elegant, but a smaller volume to accommodate only 1 or 2 hours instead of 6-8.

Many przewijaków also has movement in accordance with the clockwise motion or counter clockwise with adjustable speed motor, so if you have a lot of precious hours, you can choose the machine in which you can slow down the speed, if you worry too much tension on the winding mechanism .

A brief history of the guard watch
Watch scrolls was originally a limited commercial market , as it was used mainly through workshops time to use short-term. Their first impact on the commercial market appeared in Europe (London, France, Italy, Germany and Austria), where he made the most of the automatic watches. In the second half of 90-ies. in Japan there was a large crowd of engineers and scientists who were interested in automatic watches and the production nawijaków. A small Japanese company Everwell has become part of this niche in the late 90-ies. started to do pull-watch for the Japanese market.

In 1997, at the age of 60 years, Chuck Agnoff was very the need to continuously reset the time and date on your Rolexie and founded Orbita Corporation Watchwinders in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he began to build and sell the pull-in hours in the United States. .

Since that time, and with the explosion of the Internet in the late twentieth century, watch truth in many companies (for example, chain stores, showcases, etc.), Where it is still thriving item as a collector of monuments.