Best Walkie Talkies 2017

The most important feature when considering walkie talkie is its range . Most walkies to advertise a range that is somewhere between 10 and 40 kilometers. He said that is not always true in advertising, therefore you should pay attention to customer reviews. What you are looking for is any pattern of three or more customers who seem to complain about the same thing. If you notice certain key words, such as “Interference” or “static”, this should mean that the radio can have incredible range.

Along those same lines, you want to read the product description to find out if walkie talkie provides a decent level of loudness (i.e. decibel level ). It should be borne in mind that many walkies are used outdoors, where there is significant “white noise”. Don’t want to hold the device near your ear every time you hear someone says.

If you plan to constantly use the radio, especially during operation, it is recommended to purchase a model equipped with its own rechargeable docking station. If you plan to use the radio outdoors , it is recommended purchase a waterproof model, if not compact. If you’re going to hang the radio from the belt, we recommend the model with the rubber casing. Walkie talkie that hung from brackets on the panel, exposed to brush on solid objects. Rubber case can protect the radio from shock.

When to use a walkie-talkie instead of a mobile phone
Most of the people nowadays is on mobile phones at all in particular. But cell phones have a monthly fee, and most plans only allow a certain number of minutes. In this case, there are many situations in which the use of headset walkie-talkie can have a lot more sense.

For example, if you are a company owner and want to stay connected with their employees at the workplace or in a small area, the walkie talkie, the most reliable way. Almost all business owners cope with frustration when they try to convey an urgent message by phone or text but can’t get answers due to the fact that the employee either does not have a mobile phone or have it to yourself. Arming employees with a fully-charged walkie-talkie solves this problem, allowing everyone in the group to stay up to date with what has been said.

If you love spending time outdoors , especially doing Hiking or climbing, walkie talkie is a great way to stay in touch with all team members. People usually climbing or climbing at your own pace, and in the desert, there is an increased probability of loss (or loss of range of a mobile phone ). The radio they keep You in constant contact, and at the same time allow anyone who is in the front, for the delivery of updates that you need to pay attention to the road.

If you live in a mansion , the radio is a great way to stay in contact with the administration (or your children). If you are young, the radio is a great way to stay in contact with friends. If you’re sick, the radio is a great way to stay in contact with the caregiver. If you want to communicate regularly with someone , walkie talkie are an economic tool that you can have on hand.

A brief history of The Walkie Talkie
The radio was originally used by US Military during the SECOND world war for communication. These early models that appeared in the backpack, was mixed with two-way radio under the name “handie talkie”. Handie-talkie, it looked – but did not – as an enhanced version of the walkie-talkie that we use today.

Motorola was the first company that has publicly presented a walkie talkie. However, there is disagreement as to who was responsible for the invention transceiver√≥w that enabled walkie-talkie work. In one of the camps engineer working in radio Alfred gross, who a few years before world war II, invented the core technology around the radio. In the other camp was a canadian inventor named Donald Hings who has filed a patent for his “package transceiver√≥w” at the same time, which began the second world war.

Hings was formally recognized as the father of the walkie-talkie, in particular, because not only filed the first patent, but also helped the products of the early talkies for fighting. Alfred gross has played a key role in the development of early technology, many communication devices, including wireless phone and pager phone.

After the war, the radio needs to be more dense. In 50-ies. the police began to use, and shortly thereafter, the citizens began to purchase the radio. Today, walkie talkie remain the most reliable form of communication for countless companies, outdoors organized events, police departments , military personnel and others.