Best Volume Pedals 2017

Volume pedal, commonly called the expression pedal, it is a mandatory item for many musicians. No matter what instrument you play, quickly adjust the volume without switching off the tool is very important. The movement of the volume control may be stressful; think about what you do not have enough tips, can often be the cause to do exactly what you fear; do not have your recommendation. In the early days of playing guitar all played without the use of a volume pedal. While it’s true that there are many great artists today still use any effects at all, even they would probably admit, might benefit from using a volume pedal.

Nowadays music can be quite complex. Playing two-handed instrument like a guitar, means that Your feet are the only things that allow you to control the effects and volume. Enter a volume pedal pedal effect. In addition, complex synth keyboard may be a little easier, taking responsibilities associated with the expression out of his hands and putting them on your feet. Verification of functions, effect, or volume is simply a step forward.

History volume pedal
The concept of a volume pedal reaches up to the nineteenth century, to an object placed on the tubular bodies called pęczniejącą case . Covering the box was a large building, built around the pipes of organs, which had shutters that opened and closed like shutters. The organist would like to use a pedal for opening and closing the blinds to create more or more sounds. Thus was born the first expression pedal. This expression pedal is sometimes called the swell pedal.

With the birth of electric organs evolved expression pedal. Organists do not have to use both legs to handle pedalboardu body, and they can focus on making changes in the music the expression pedal.

It was almost immediately transferred gitarzystom, which already in the late thirties was looking for a way to increase the volume of the sound of their instruments without using hands. Over the years, the volume pedal evolved. In the modern era, a volume pedal in combination with a digital amplifier or controller now provides much more options than pedals in the XX century. Modern volume pedal can now be set to control lots of effects and features; such as profit, vibrato, and famous duck . These functions require their own circuit and special pedals to work. Now it can be matched with the digital amplifier and control alternately with the volume pedal.

Things to consider when buying a volume pedal
When selecting a volume pedal is necessary to consider five main issues: relevance, accuracy, durability, functionality and size.

Before you buy any volume pedal, you want to make sure that it is compatible with your style of play and style of play. To do this, ask yourself a few questions before buying. If the pedal will work with MIDI equipment , or just ordinary cables with a diameter of ¼ inch? If you need a pedal to control MIDI oven, it is a question that you can’t afford. Or lowest note or guitar driving you crazy? If so, you may want to consider a volume pedal that will not affect the sound of your guitar. You can even consider the expression pedal connected with the output of the tuner, so you can be sure that your personal each song.

Think about how accurate Your volume settings. Whether you play with a group where the dynamics requires a very finely tuned sounds? Then you need a volume pedal that will give you accurate readings and full volume control. On the other hand, if you’re the lead guitarist of the garage, and you only need to have your pedal endured your voice from loud to piercing ears , it’s easier pedal may not be the way.

Durability can also be extremely important. It would be terrible if the volume pedal busted in the middle of the series. If your pedal is going to become more intense? Traveling on the road, stomping in night after night? Pedal solid construction will for you. On the opposite end of the spectrum, home Studio, durable pedal can be replaced by more lightweight. This can save money and reduce the weight of the bag.

You will also want to think about the functions of a volume pedal. Many pedals can be used for the expression of different effects in addition to volume. If you also pedal to create swelling or other effects on his guitar? Some pedals are more suitable for this application. Or just need a pedal to turn the instruments up and down? Very simple pedal without any additives, which may be appropriate for you.

Size may be another important area for consideration. For music with lots of effects pedals, adding one Board can be enough to cause a little trouble. Instead of having to buy a new Board just to pick up a volume pedal, gain pedal with a lower profile.