Best Vocal Processors 2017

I’m not the best singer. I took a few lessons, and I sing in the team since I was 12 years old, but I know my limitations. Fortunately for me, my weakness is more striking in the strength and cohesion than the key, but if I was suffering from vibration and wanted a processor that could correct me on the fly, does not, so I was like a crazy robot, I’d grab one of these babies.

It’s not their only use. These vocal processors take the signal which you eat, and from there you can add simple effects such as a small growth, so you can sound like Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, or wild effects to make you sound like a member of Daft Punk.

Can also create cycles and phases and composite harmonies that accompany You on stage if you are doing solo.

Some argue that this is the deception that voice through any psychic is a violation of his purity. Don’t need these people in your life, but if you want to stop them, and you want to present your case, just saying that all the creation of technological extension of the human mind, which is the only place where the sound is actually created because this is the only place in which sound is perceived as form. Universal Argument, usually crushed high-quality purists.

Stand, floor or table?
Okay, I know this sounds like a suggestion from someone who wants to torture you in the most medieval way possible to imagine, but in fact it is one of the main determining factors in the choice of the processor voices.

When you browse our list you’ll notice that there are three main builds for your vocal processor. Long, thin construction, it is the processors that are installed in a rack, designed to fit in the device rack with other effects processors for transport on the road. If you are a serious artist, concert who needs something implemented on an ongoing basis in a robust housing, it’s the processors on which you want to see. They will require you to purchase the said body, and an empty nest in it, probably skusią you to purchase additional effects installed in the rack, so it’s probably the most expensive option in the long term.

In our list there are also processors that look like a pretty simple pedal outdoor. This is because they are. The long pedal is the interface to pass for musicians in all areas of performance, be it in the Studio, on stage or at home. Provide the convenience of instant switching and interaction, which are not in the rack and are often built to withstand huge amounts of abuse, so no need to buy additional equipment to ensure their longevity.

The second style of processor, table-top, make, more suitable for the needs of the domestic contractor’s records and contractor’s café. They have the same versatility and processing power as the competition, but suffer from weak design and less efficient interface. If you are a light performer or just want to keep impeccable care of your equipment, it may be the processor for you.

Cheringing Is Careing: the History of vocal processing
When I was a teenager, cher released her international single “Believe”. Legendary singer perform a specific processor called Auto-tune, originally developed to correct the uncorrected singers and used it to create the impression of a sound with your voice, which the masses have never heard before. That is the effect you hear when the singer’s voice seems to jump over the digital one note to another.

Case cher is quite a vivid example of the voice processing in the digital age, but the art exists for a long time, in different forms of analog.

Open the playlist, and you can see the chart listed under the heading “Dramatis Personae”, Latin for “masks of the drama”. In ancient Greek theater actors wore masks to symbolize their character in the play, but also because the mask was built to emit sound from the outside. In fact, the root of the mask of the word “persona” can be divided into “per”, which means “son” is the main source of sound.

The case remained stagnujące before the advent of recorded sound. All devices for recording and playback of voice can be considered types of voice processing but the actual processing of the audio signals based on the quality condition of transmission electric has been greatly expanded in the era of radio.

These records with radio was in the music recording studios that got carried away a little bit more experimental manipulations such as compression and amplification in the 50-ies. 60. The XX century. In particular, Phil Spector and George Martin were pioneers in the use of new processors, designed for clean vocals and flipping them from the original signals to create new and exciting sonic landscapes.

Hence all bets were off, and the effects were confined representation of the sound engineers and equipment available. Today, in the digital age, you can affect the voice to do almost anything.