Best Umbrellas 2017

People often wonder why umbrellas are so prone to failures. The main reason is that the average umbrella contains more than 150 parts, which means that if something ześlizgnie, the whole mechanism can be run. The second reason is that the best selling umbrellas sell an average of six dollars . These umbrellas are far from store-bought cream.

If you want to find a good umbrella, the most versatile place to shop online. Shopping online allow you to read a few product descriptions, paying attention to terms such as durable , weather resistant , manual testing and more durable. Shopping online will allow You to see what it looks like umbrella after its opening. This is key, because, the more rounded is the dome of the umbrella, the less likely that the umbrella flying in the wind.

If you plan to frequently use an umbrella, it is useful to find a model with a handle in the shape of the letter J, which can prevent the rotation of the umbrella, and its smooth surface will prevent the formation of painful calluses on the palms.

Umbrellas that open with one button provide a significant convenience . But these models also consist of a larger number of parts , which means increased likelihood of fracture. Moreover, people often play with automatic umbrellas, slamming the shank when the Cup is not open. This can lead to rupture of the spring or, even worse, to complete a closed umbrella.

As a precaution, it is necessary to remember about the mass and the diameter of the umbrella . Some umbrellas are made to order to the lungs, but the umbrella should weigh just over a pound. Diameter is only a factor if you are a person tall, or wide, or if you plan to use the umbrella to cover more than one person at a time.

A handful of umbrellas Hacks that are so easy and fun
Umbrellas offer a host of functions available, besides protection from rain. They can be fixed on most of the beach chairs, providing shade for relaxing and reading. Their bases can be placed in the upper layer of soil in order to protect their raczkujących plants and seeds. You can turn them upside down and use to consolidate all inflatable toys in the pool. They can also be hung by the handle, and doors are used to store hats or gloves by the front door. Most umbrellas can block sun for taking photos, can protect the baby when it is attached to the back of the cart, their sheds can be used as Pets shades on every hanging lamp, and their hands in the shape of the letter “J” can be dual hooks for reeling in items that are out of reach.

You can buy a very unusual umbrella, through which friends can always be able to recognize You in the crowd. LED strips can be added to any of the spokes of the umbrella so people can find You in the dark. Well-rounded black umbrella can even be used as a giant bowl of candy on Halloween. You can even use it as an antenna during radio coverage) in the rain.

A short history of the umbrella
The very first umbrellas were nothing more than large trees, as a rule, waterfowl, serving over the head of the aristocrats in the shadows. In the extension of the nobility and the common people, especially in ancient Egypt and China, aristocratic umbrellas were clear province of the rich. Pale skin was associated with the fact that part of the upper class. This meant the person who does not spent her days working in the sun.

This distinction has remained intact for several centuries until the utility umbrella, which began to develop in the eleventh century. The Chinese took the seals of their umbrellas, so the device was two times more useful than before. Over the next two hundred years the trade route to Europe has resulted in massive proliferation of the umbrella. The umbrellas remained Supplement for wealthy women, but the umbrellas were bought or more often rented through the European traders.

The next great era of the umbrella, which occurred during the industrial revolution . With the market development, new patents. There was a pocket umbrellas , parasols and adjustable device that can automatically open and close. In the twentieth century, parasols, sunbeds have become a permanent feature of American beaches, and umbrellas have become a fashion for those who were in fashion.

Today umbrellas industry worth billions of dollars, while China account for 85% of total production, while the United States, Japan and Brazil represent the biggest market. Umbrellas continue to be a cost-effective product, because they are both necessary and replaceable. More often than not, if the umbrella breaks, it will be better to buy a new one than to consider repair.