Best Tower Fans 2017

While nobody likes to dwell in the hot, stuffy room, adequate ventilation and air circulation can play a much greater role than just improving comfort. Correct air flow and moderate the temperature inside is also important for health and well-being. The administration of Safety and health at Work ( OSHA ) recommends a temperature range from 68 to 76 degrees Celsius.

While the ideal temperature in the room ultimately depends on personal preference, it is important to not work, not cook, do not try to sleep in a room that’s too warm for comfort. The risk of heat exhaustion can have far-reaching impact on people’s health, including factors, cognitive and physiological.

To sleep in a room that is too warm, and still can increase the frequency of occurrence of problems with bezdechem sleepy . People suffering from mild sleep apnea, may not require invasive treatment, but creating the perfect environment for sleep combined with the cool, fresh air that is a condition for safety during sleep.

To create the perfect environment for sleeping, you need to use all available resources, which include a window open when the outside air temperature will be appropriate, Central air-conditioning system or individual partitions, if necessary, and the fans that support the movement of air.

Using a fan in the bedroom provides many benefits, first of which is the circulation. Secondly, the fan helps to create a cooling effect by lifting the cold air off the floor in the room and increase the rate of evaporation of sweat, when it passes through human skin. Finally, the fan generates a white noise that helps to drown out other sounds that may be a distraction during sleep (or when trying to sleep).

White noise, such as noise of fan blades and szeleszczÄ…ca breeze, falls into the set of sound frequencies simultaneously, thus creating constant and consistent sound, which the brain quickly gets used.

The correct choice of fan for Your home
If you’re hoping for circulation and cooling of air in a small enclosed space, you may need a fan on your desktop PC or even a small klipsowego fan. However, if the subject space has at least a square meter of free surface, the fan tower will be the most effective and efficient way to move air in almost any room.

Tower fans have the advantage of a slim profile, which can produce as much (or in some cases more) air flow than traditional fans in the form of a disc. This is because the majority of fans tower puts a few small fans in vertical buildings. More options the standard fan, for example, a block type powielacza the air using a powerful fan installed in the base that pushes air from the open top section. Both projects represent a large strip of moving air which can help create movement in the room.

Because all the decent fans of the tower will be moved to the air in the same way, your choice of unit that best suits Your needs it should be first determined size. Some fans have the ability to move up to 500 cubic feet of air per minute and can produce a breeze at a distance of one hundred feet (under appropriate conditions), while giving a large apartment or a spacious main living room . Other fans of the tower, they can only move enough air to accommodate ten to twelve bedrooms, but they will cost a fraction of the price. There is no need to use the fan which is more powerful than the rule space, since the point faster air circulation will allow additional cooling.

After determining the volume of air that must be moved, you should consider the settings offer a variety of fans tower. Almost every fan tower does, at least, low , medium and high speed, but some offer as many as eight, and even ten different speed settings. As all good fans of tower range, not all have timer functions. These details should be the deciding factor.

A few ideas for the perfect use of the fan
To make sure that the fan is running in the most efficient and effective way, be sure to place it correctly in the house. The fan, located in the lower part of the landing directs cold air on one floor, often with relief for bedrooms, located on the upper part. If you put the fan near an open entrance to the underground basement, this will help in getting air with a temperature of twenty degrees below room temperature. Fan to be blown through the bed can provide a short-term cooling, and a single jet of air from the bedroom in combination with a cracked window (provided that it is quite cold out) can create more attractive breeze.

Always follow the rule of air for the direct current of your fan. If your a fan creates, for example, a draft up, which can lead to a decrease in warm air from the ceiling, ultimately increasing the apparent room temperature. The fan in the open window can be designed for production in drops, but can actually have the opposite effect of prevention of weathering of the interior, if the outdoor air currents behave differently.

Pay attention to the conditions existing in the inner space, and around it, before you decide how and where you will use the fan. This action will bring the greatest benefit from its use, both from the point of view of freshness and coolness of the air.