Best Tool Bags 2017

The first thing that everyone should consider before to buy the bag service is that you will need to store this bag. Make a list of all the tools that you want to have at their disposal. When you do, you can begin to decrease search, depending on what instrument bags can carry the load.

When you begin to explore the bags, please note how many compartments each model has to offer. Please note that these partitions button, lock or snap into place. Please note that some items will be free to hang on metal hooks, or a separate dzwoneczkach. Please note that the tool bag was a hollow, or split into halves.

You want to compare the maximum weight of each bag tool steel with the weight of the equipment that you will need for storage. In addition, you will want to determine whether the tool bag has one long strap or two. The presence of two long strips is preferred, as it allows to distribute the weight of the bag on both shoulders.

In this regard, you must ensure that any tool bag that may be of interest to You, was developed using durable materials . Most of the bags from the top shelf made of glass reinforced nylon or polyurethane , and some packages include a leather trim around the border. As a precaution, make sure that the bag is under warranty. This guarantee may be the only thing you can rely if the bag fails to meet expectations.

How to organize tool bag
Most bags of tools cook outside . This means that you want to use an external compartments for storage of tools with which you work most often at the same time ordering inside pockets for small items, for which you get only in a pinch.

It is important to consider which shoulder you wear the bag on service. Remember that one side of the bag will inevitably RUB the body. You want to avoid filling the outer compartments this page is all torn items . If you fill the bag with nails, it helps to wear a magnet. This magnet will let you collect some of these nails without having to dig around in his pocket.

Another convenient way to keep you and the bag instrumental, maintenance of relevant items stored together; Take, for example, tape, pencil, hammer in the immediate vicinity of the nails.

It is desirable that large items were in the middle of the bag, with components and accessories on the sides. If we are talking about sharp objects, it is better to keep them to myself to prevent movement of combustible materials. Make sure lids are closed for all containers aerozolem . Of course, it is not a strict rule, because the settings for the deployment of instruments varies depending on the person.

Once a month you will want to remove all unused items from the bag , at the same time complementing any of the products began to wane. Try to get several compartments of the bag empty, in case if I have to pick up new equipment or equipment in the way.

A brief history of bags for tool
The error is always there, ever since people realized that they can produce and use. While some of these tools, as the major pointed stone or bone, we can safely assume that prehistoryczni cavemen were able to come up with a bag where you can store personal belongings. In Australian Aborigines , for example, was a well-known craft that is now on dillybags . These bags were deep pockets, and they were rough to the touch due to the plant material from which they were made.

On the other hand, artisans in ancient Greece carried their tools in a bag with weapons . Belts with a gun was generally associated so that master could easily get what you are looking for.

Handyman in Golden age in America, as she believed the purpose of carrying tools in a leather bag. This began to change during the industrial revolution, as the increase in manufacturing and construction (not to mention the production of funds) led to the increase in demand for professional tool belt .

In 1916 the American inventor Myron Simpson, received the first patent for a “bag of construction tools.” Bag Simpson looked like a folder and has been crafted from brown leather. Bag Simpson had a wide cap and a pair of fasteners in the front. The inside of the bag contains multiple pockets, each of which was made for the salon. The location of the specific tool in the bag Simpson was not easy. The handbag was close, said that people felt like was in the dark.

Today bags for tools have become an integral part of the Arsenal of any laborers. Instrument bags are distinguished from tapes, instruments for large problems , as the tool bag allows you to move more equipment (if not the belt itself).