Best Thermoses 2017

I remember when I first met the thermos. I was in the Parking lot of Six Flags Great Adventure in southern new Jersey, on the move, in the Park with the family of my best friend. We sat on the sun loungers that are put in the car and my friend’s mom, she drew something that looked like a thick carafe, except that had the Cup upside down.

When I opened it, steam rose along with a scent will interfere with boiled hot dogs. It was a thicker type flask, ideal for transporting food and contained several dozen dogs who made just that morning.

It will take another 20 years before I find out the rules and the technology that allowed the dogs to stay so hot all morning. For the longest time I thought it had something to do with the seal on the top of the container that somehow she was detained by heat. I didn’t know that the wonders of science, pucołowatej occur in a bottle with a meal.

But let’s start from the beginning. How hot dogs became hot? Well, when the transfer of energy causes the molecules of the substance become excited, they move at an accelerated pace, warming them. Like dogs, like the water in which they were cooked, they transferred the energy from the flame on the stove, and their molecules are going crazy.

Then my friend’s mom put them in a thermos, which works on a very simple principle of thermodynamics: the vacuum is the best insulator. This is because thermal energy cannot pass through a vacuum because there are no particles that could stimulate energy. Infrared radiation, however, can leap over a vacuum, so Your thermos was still a little warm to the touch and is one of the two reasons why the thermos eventually loses heat.

It is true that a few years ago a handful of scientists have developed the thermos vacuum that contained a lining of very fine-grained photonic crystals , and that this prototype also block the escape of infrared radiation, essentially doubling the insulation capacity of the prototype. The only problem is that every thermos is made of photonic crystals would be too expensive.

A sincere assessment
There are many industries that seem to grow in zawyżaniu statistics and the capabilities of their products. Thermos, in some measure, escaped the traps of capitalism. Every thermos, what ever I had, kept him content in the as hot or cold as long as or even longer than claimed by the company.

For you this means that as you move through our list you have a choice of three simple variables. The first is service time. You will notice that it is easier termosowi to keep the substance for a long time in the cool than to keep warm, which is quite normal. Irrespective of the requirements you should be able to take them at face value, so get something that can stop your food or drink wherever you want, as long as you need.

Secondly, you need to consider the volume. There is no reason to keep just morning coffee if you need energy throughout the day. I lived with the thermos in this list while working in Alaska all summer, filling it black gold that every morning and, after drinking it, hot and tasty throughout the day.

Finally, consider the style. If you get the thermos as a gift for a rude construction worker in the family, a container with a theme of Hello Kitty may not be his first choice. Satisfied, your young niece is much better than the industrial model Stanley.

Last remark: be careful with termosem. Most vacuum heat relies on glass or ceramics on the walls, and the hard drop could lead to cracking of the material, causing a drastic reduction of maintenance time.

How are you doing Dewar?
In the late nineteenth century the Scottish scientist James Dewar created a partial vacuum between the copper chambers to isolate the palladium, trying to determine the natural heat of this element. Thus invented the first vacuum bottle, which has gained immense popularity in the scientific community.

In 1904, pair of German glass dmuchaczy adopted the idea of a Dewar never patented, and skomercjalizował its design, creating a usable product that everyone can use to maintain hot or cold foods and drinks. They were the first suppliers of vacuum cylinders to use the word Thermos in respect of the subject matter of and trafficking in them.

After some time, thermos has been an integral part lunchboxu for American baby, sharing thematic project printed on the outside of the box. Have become important elements of synergistic marketing techniques used by the entertainment industry in the 80-ies. 90. The XX century. In short, interest in termosem was short-lived, but as a generation of children who grew up with devices in their daily lunch sets, has its own children, using a thermos increases again.