Best Tape Measures 2017

Why do you think so many people still ride bicycles? In the area around 200 years. Long ago we abandoned the horse-drawn carriage, and now we have easy access for cars, scooters, trains, taxis and Uber, none of which requires a lot of energy. Hell, I even saw a guy in a suit dojeżdżającym to work on an electric skateboard in the beginning of this week. What gives?

Here I will tell you this: the bike is simple, functional and familiar. That rewards physical nature of the riding on one.

Measuring tape feel this way. Why try some complicated gadget when the subject that you perform, performs, a good job? Of course, you can walk around with the help of innovative laser meter, but if you’re someone who appreciates the practicality and performance you can’t go wrong with a classic measuring instrument.

Of course, roulette is just as effective as the person who uses it. Before buying, make sure that you know how to read the size (Yes, that includes fractions). If you plan to do a very detailed notation, you should also invest in a high quality pencil with a fine tip. Remember that when your job depends on accurate measurements, that in the beginning it may seem normal mistake can end up zrujnowaniem the whole work.

Speaking of work – more specifically, about the processing tools in the workplace – tools, tape usually bite. Will be thrown on the ground, covered with gravel and exposed to the elements. To fix this, make sure that the body and durable, quite thick and resistant to corrosion. The same goes for blades. Is often in contact with the grains, with dirt, sawdust and liquids, and is erased at the entry point every time enters or leaves. Durable protective shell helps to prolong the service life of the blade.

How to choose the right tool
People often apply tape as something obvious, but this does not make them less worthy. Regardless of the seller – a carpenter, electrician, plumber and use a tape measure, as well as any device in the tool kit .

When choosing a tape measure accuracy is of course important, but also need to focus on other characteristics: size, style, quality, lever lock and stock design (a metal hook on the end of the tape). Be careful on models that have additional, unnecessary features; with the help of this tool is simplicity.

From the point of view of measurement accuracy of the tapes belong to one of four categories: class I, class II, class III and unidentified . Class And includes the most accurate models on the market, while the unidentified models are suitable at best for zgrubnych estimates. If you engineer a nuclear engineer , take measurements, grade, And without asking questions; if you’re a carpenter, it is likely that you will receive a class II or III.

Large, heavy tape can withstand the bumps and bruises better than in the case of lightweight models, and their blades, as a rule, you can reach further without bending. Conversely, more compact measuring tape is easier to transport and operate, making them ideal for applications requiring flexibility and elasticity.

Like any tool, the style of its design will dictate how to spend it. The most common and najtrwalszą option are stiff strips , usually made of steel. If you routinely measure large distances, this type does not make sense because a soft measuring tape is designed to cover much shorter distances. However, before you make a quick assessment, take into account the disadvantages. Measurement of solid tape can, in principle, be measured in a straight line, and a metal hook, which is returned at high speed, creates more risk of injury.

Not only soft tape minimizes the risk of injury, they are ideal for measurements in hard to reach places, as they are easy to bend and manipulate. This flexibility also allows you to download measurement of round or cylindrical surfaces.

Your measuring tape will be a regular lock blade (which requires manual lock) or automatic locking (which doesn’t work). Give both styles a shot and try to find a model with preferential attachment mechanism.

The majority of people assumes that the Tang (or hook) is almost the same for each measuring tape, but this assumption is far from accurate. Handle high quality must be terminated only on the items that you want to fix them. Mixed tangi allow zaczepianie items above, below and to the side of the tape. Extremely high tangi they are usually bulky and are often caught where he doesn’t belong, and magnetic tapes often attract shavings, sawdust and residues. You should avoid both if they are not needed.

A brief history of the operation of the tape
As you can imagine, people have measured things for centuries. For example, the ancient Romans marked strips leather, and used them as a kind of legacy of the ruler. A little surprising that the measuring tape has not appeared in the United States until 1868, when a man named Alvin J. Fellows filed a patent for this in new haven, Connecticut.

Because it is a primitive tool was expensive (and likely ineffective) never to involve the substitute of wood strips. It was, however, the model of modern methods of locking steel tapes. In 1922, a Man named Hiram H. Farrand received the patent for his version of the device, and with the help of the Brown Company began manufacture and sale of measuring tapes. Soon after, carpenters throughout the country have begun to adopt the draft Farranda, which is similar to the models that you can find nowadays.

Currently, many of the tapes sold in the United States that has the little black rombowe signs, 19.2 inch, to indicate equal intervals on the beams, which is the standard distance between studs in construction. This is unique to the models developed in the United States. Historically, the American measuring tape was created using only the power system , but that is slowly changing as manufacturers increasingly include the metric system in their projects.