Best Tackle Boxes 2017

Questions about the boxes against the soft disk can not be compared with anything else. It’s not a matter of preference, it is a question of usability, what type of fish, where and when. This is a philosophical question, and that makes it so interesting and makes that the debate around it not to.

For every big box, hardware, which opens as oldschoolowy the container at the second Breakfast, is a soft bag for equipment that can be used as backpack or on the shoulder bags with lots of pockets. Here you can hide an extra pair of socks, water bottle or first aid kit. Shoulder bags with shoulder straps or double as backpacks are perfect for Hiking in remote areas. Boxes for individual markers are not.

Also, in the case of any fine bags to equipment that is a container for rigid equipment, which protects the hooks, links and weights in rare cases when you accidentally drop the box while traveling. More importantly, you can open the box, in one motion, to see all of the trays simultaneously, without having to remove each tray individually and scattering them on the ground, making cleaning at the end of the day, much less żmudnymi. They are not only waterproof but you can set them on a rock or on a log, and not worn in the wind as it can make the backpack. As with most things, there are pros and there are cons. It all depends on what type of fishing you like to do.

Deciding the perfect size for You
Regardless of whether wędrowałeś and wspinałeś to his favorite fishing spot, and then you need a backpack, or put the car ten feet from the river and does not need anything but the plastic holder, the next step in choosing is to determine how large or small must be your box or bag. The answer to the question about size depends on the type of fish you want to catch.

For example, fishing kałamarnicami does not require too much effort. You need a handful of lures of various shapes, and two or three rows from six to twenty pounds, even leaving a medium size box with lots of empty space. In fact, if you already know in advance what size of squid you want, you can even reduce the amount of equipment that are in one tray.

In the case of freshwater fishing, which includes many species of fish, you must use a large box or bag. Although various fish species are attracted to different types of lures, they are significantly different, in terms of size and weight, requiring two, three or even four lines . Many kinds of means many trays, one for each kind of fish or one for each type of float. But if you will be a lot to do, you’ll want to have a large enough container for equipment storage encoded smaller tank, which can be mounted on vests muchowej or part Kulikov. Thus, you don’t have to return to shore every time you lose your grip or need a new lure.

No matter what size you choose a box or bag to choose from, remember that the abandonment of the place to increase the collection equipment. The more fish, the more you learn new tricks, and the more you learn about the art of catching fish, the more you go back to the store to choose a new lure for these exceptional situations. In fact, the last thing you want is a choice between Your favorite lures, so you can make room for his new favorite bait.

What to include in their box or bag
Before taking your new equipment to test in off-road conditions, make sure you have everything you need. The only thing worse than forgetting about the required solution is the recognition of the friends of tackle that I forgot and asked them to lend.

Under the old sir, are the idiom, your hook, line and sinker are the three most important things, in addition to the rods. Even if you forget your pole, you can still walk around empty water bottles and hoping thus to catch your catch. But without those three basic things you can also throw bait into the water to feed the fish.

In addition to the basics – your bobberów, lures, leaders and krętlików is also a list of some obvious and some not so obvious tools and accessories you want to bring, including multi-tool with pliers, like the Leatherman, which some models already include nail clippers and a file with a checkmark.

All bring a flashlight and insect spray if you are going to fish after sunset and the mosquitoes come out. And if you love to fish in some of the more stringent national parks, it is best to take Libra and mini-tape to be held accountable for the capture of lean fish, half inch in a short time.