Best Survival Foods 2017

It’s great to know that you have a handy survival kit. Food that requires a lot of preparation and lasts for years, should give you some peace of mind, but actually prepare for everything from natural disasters to tax hikes means a deeper perspective on what your body needs during the crisis.

To survive means “to live” situation. But when disaster strikes, at home, in flight or during the trip, strikes, what you want is to make sure that your family is thriving. View nutrition labels (I know it sounds boring, but this you talking to your family) and are serious about providing a comprehensive supply for all that you’re going to live.

Have you noticed that some foods for survival is heavy on the sugar and / or carbohydrates. This is because the brain needs glycogen, which, simply put, comes from sugar in order to work well. Perhaps you already know the early morning fog of the brain, which seems somehow clean, you hug, sweet bun.

Simple carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour, can in a certain way to affect the brain almost instantly. Due to this vague head may be enough to finish the weekly report before the morning meeting. Of course, not want every day there are sugars and simple carbohydrates (due to a collision, which follows after the sudden growth of energy), but in extreme cases your body will be attractive.

Fats also play a very important role in most survival kits. Fats will help You feel longer are the words when you’re fighting extreme circumstances. For example, while walking you don’t have to stop eating to save energy.

Some sets and you will find, offer a ratio of nutrients similar to that was adopted by NASA for the astronauts of the sixties. This means that 51% carbohydrate, 32% fat and 17% protein. However, modern nutritionists recommend a strengthening protein when you are under stress.

So you can consider the inclusion of protein tablets for my kits. While you are at it, powdered vitamins and minerals can’t hurt, just make sure pokrywasz all the bases.

And, of course, keep as much water as you need for drinking and cooking.

Survival Food: Methods of dewatering
You may not be an astronaut, but if we are talking about food, survival, you probably have some of the same standards.

Good food for survival needs to be lightweight and compact, but must also maintain energy and satisfy the needs of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

The difficulty lies in the fact that tastes good. Food during previous space programs not passed the test of taste. In fact, it was so bad that the astronauts – disciplined and accustomed to survive the physical extremes – complained. Few years it took the group of scientists involved in food, to develop the best possible tasting space flight.

Dehydrated food is the food from which the moisture has been removed . Even prehistoryczni people suszili foods to preserve them, usually by placing them in the sun. Removal of moisture helps stop the process of deterioration. In the nineteenth century, food was often dried using heated air. This method was used to prepare the ration for the soldiers of world war II.

Currently, the products can be dehydrational by using tunnel kiln, dryer or vacuum dryer. The less time required for drying food, the better the taste. Vacuum drying is good for fruits and vegetables. Drying rozpyłowe – the transformation of the liquid into the small spray bottle and then heating it is a good method for the production of powdered dairy products. The process works especially well in the case of meat. This helps to maintain nutrition during the period of the diet.

Lyophilized products were subjected to try during the event, spacecraft, Gemini and Apollo. The dishes were “prepared by the rapid freezing of cooked products, which are then located in a vacuum chamber, which was heated to remove all the water” in compliance with the National Air and Space Museum. Food was “Packed tightly in czterowarstwowy laminated container with a valve at one end”.

Researchers at NASA at first they had only cold water to again uwodnić their food rations. Hot water became available later during the flight, and the food is much tastier.

Most of the products recommended in our kits was subjected to lyophilization. You won’t need a gun for the hot water to restore it, or biliary restraint to prevent zsypania food in microgravity, but the taste and food that will surely you enjoy, they certainly duty towards NASA.

Survival Prep: It’s not just for mountaineers
Survival in its dosłowności comes back to the first inhabitants of the cave preying for food to give them enough energy to move in their daily tasks.

Many years later, with the advent of a nuclear explosion, the U.S. government actually encouraged ordinary citizens to build their own nuclear shelters. A well-stocked underground bunker, it seemed a safer alternative.

When stopped the panic over the bomb, people who still had shelter, there were some perceived as a little crazy, on the seedy outskirts. Often they were the subject of nightly television and tabloidowych jokes. But at the turn of the Millennium, the citizens fled again to mode prep. The events of 11 September provided another boost.

Today’s preppers are really a mixed bag . Some have eyes to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or hurricanes. Others seem to foresee the circumstances created by man, which can lead to apocalyptic conditions. Preppers come from different walks of life. There are suburban mothers, employees, families with blue collar residents of the village. Some are guided by ideology, while others see themselves as practical. Of course, the industry passes for the entire life joyfully serve all of them.

In any case, learn to provide for themselves and their families in difficult and unexpected circumstances, creates a sense of stability. And there is nothing except this.