Best Spiralizers 2017

Adventure chef knows that it is not enough just to prepare meals that are delicious; whenever possible, you need to create meals and desserts that also look great. Food, which attracts a lot of senses creates a more pleasant culinary experience , and the appearance is largely part of this process.

Preparing attractive and exotic looking meals need not be a complicated ordeal, then. In fact often the elements that create a unique-looking dish are simply alternative ways to cut, slice, or chop the exact same foods you would have served anyway. This can mean topping a salad with julienned carrots instead of more basic carrot coins, it can mean floating a few sprigs of parsley atop a bowl of soup, or it can mean serving shaved parmesan in place of standard grated cheese. But perhaps the most handsome food preparation technique of all is to serve spiral cut food. The elegant curve of spiral cut food catches the eye at once, allowing for truly impressive meal presentation.

Little kitchen gadgets helping to create so great looking food with minimal effort, as the spiralizer. These handy devices can cut everything from watermelons to potatoes, elegant, rotating shapes that beckon, like the eyes as the taste buds. And thanks to the flexibility of the spiral cut and cooked fairly quickly, saving you time in the kitchen and giving you more time to eat.

The choice of a suitable spiralizera
Any decent spiralizer can produce spiral-sliced products, whirling the vegetables in beautiful and delicious coil. If you actually cut vegetables in spiral, everything you want to create a new kitchen gadget, it would be difficult to find an organization that will not be enough. In this case the store is based on the price list the price and size of the instrument, taking into account the storage area in the kitchen or pantry. Even more spiralizatory still available in affordable price, and the lower class are often priced much below twenty dollars, but still reach more than enough to satisfy the needs of most chefs.

If you need a kitchen tool that can do more than just basic cutting of the spiral, glad you will find many versatile options available on the market. Many spiralizerów can be used to create various types of pasta, including macaroni, spaghetti, and broader, more exciting pasta. Some spiralizery also offer the possibility of cutting and slicing vegetables, so with the right attachment in place, a simple twist or two spiralizujące wheel can have all the ingredients of your recipe are sliced and ready for frying, the baking tray or dish tableware.

Make sure spiralizery require a lot of attachments to perform various tasks. More variants of attachments allows for great flexibility, but the investments also mean more items for storage and more the possibility of an incorrect location, which will reduce the availability of the options of cooking.

If there is one serious drawback to using spiralizera, this cleaning gadget can be a shocking experience. Get ready for chunks of food to reach every corner of your device, and you should know that not all spiralizery have the items for washing in the dishwasher. If cleaning the kitchen for You tedious, view devices that are clean in the dishwasher, or, at least, consider those that can be easily disassembled for mixing dishwasher and hand cleaning.

How best to use your spiralizer
As already mentioned, the spiral cut vegetables, cook quickly, it is very important even in the case of traditionally slow cooked to be potatoes and other root vegetables. Spiral cut vegetables, they are also ideal as a replacement for traditional starchy foods, which makes these gadgets very convenient for those who are trying to diet or simply eat more healthy food. Consider replacing sugar or other healthy and niskokalorycznym a vegetable during lunch, and you will be amazed how good the food is even wybrednymi younger consumers.

If we are talking about healthy, but certainly delicious page, the vegetables are cut in spirals are great when they are prepared in frytownicy. You can create the best French fries, ready spiral sliced potatoes in oil, which, of course, also applies to other vegetables. You can also consider brush spiral sliced food oil, and then wypiekanie it for a healthier alternative.

Spiralizery also create unique accessories for delicious cocktails. You will impress guests for dinner, cocktails, as cocktails using spiral sliced citrus fruits or vegetables, and there’s no need to let Your friends know how easy you are ready is the perfect Martini or cosmopolitan.

As for the chef who loves to prepare fancy cakes and other desserts, spiralizator offers the opportunity to create unforgettable delicacies. You can turn apples as sour and tasty ideal nozzle for the test, or use a spiral-sliced apples to create the best Apple pie I’ve ever wypiekł Your furnace. Cut the spiral can also be applied to exotic foods like pumpkin, provided that you can cut the pumpkin into smaller, more useful pieces.

The more you use spiralizera, the more ideas will come to you. In the end, your spiralizator can even replace your knife and Board for cutting, as your food choices.