Best Spinning Reels 2017

Reels spinning reels are currently the most common type of fishing reels is likely due to the ease of use and versatility. Unlike conventional anglers do not need a lot of skills to learn to use one, and chances to eliminate the mess of a bird’s nest , which the fisherman called zawiniętym disorder the result of poor casting technique, relatively small… Depending on the quality and size of the coil, can be used in salt or fresh water, in the case of large and small fishing and trolling from the after fishing finesse.

In addition to the fully open design and the landscape orientation, one of the main things that separates the coil from the traditional coil or coils fixed coil. In the drum rotating coil never moves, but instead the line is taken for the roller and roller linear rotating around the coil. In the case of most other types of reels for fishing, in addition to preserves the actual spool rotates.

All reels have a drag system that allows fishermen and women to set the resistance level what tests the fish when ugryza on the line. The more the resistance, the more resistance the fish feels, and Vice versa. System drag also help in the fight with the fish. True anglers know that the use of light possible equipment provides not only more fun but also gives you a better sense of what is happening on the other end of the line and facilitates the presentation of the lure in the most realistic way. In addition, the light weight of the equipment reduces the chances that the fish will see or feel the line, and scared.

Unfortunately, this also means that often a fisherman unloads fish are able to break their line if they work at full capacity in the opposite direction. The resistance system can be set at a certain resistance level, so instead of break lines when a fish is, the coil produces more lines. The angler may again start laughing when the fish take a break. Gives this leads to the fact that fish are being depleted to the end you can pull up to the boat or shoreline. If handled properly, the fisherman can even unload the big fish hunting in the lungs.

Choose your coil carefully
If you plan to fish, and you are in the market for a high quality coil, before the final purchase you must consider several factors.

First, you can choose the coil with the front brake or rear of the tractor. In General, models of rollers with a front brake the best and longest support for continuous usage. Best to walk on this big hook, which you honor to all my friends. Model with a rear brake, although not as sturdy and durable, easier to use and can be the best choice for someone who has never used a coil.

Second, check the number of ball bearings, what are your coil. In most videos of high quality used ball bearings of stainless steel and the more bearings the better the reel.

Thirdly, make sure that you checked the gear ratio of the gearbox. This means to determine how many times the drum rotates once for each revolution of the crank. The higher the ratio, the better the stretch. In some coils it is possible to choose the gear in which you can switch from high to low.

Fourth, find out what material your frame is made coils and spool. If they are made of aluminum, they are heavier, but stronger and more durable in the event of a large hook. If they are made of graphite, they are lighter and less prone to wear, but they are not as strong and may crack under too much pressure.

Fifth, check the balance and convenience. Drum and thrust must be suitable for your hands, and You should be able easy use. Even if all the other items you want if they are too big, uncomfortable, too small and thin, probably are not suitable for you.

Finally, think about where you are going to use it. Fishing in the open ocean, whether you plan to stick to fast moving rivers? The place where you intend to fish and what fish you intend to catch will help you in making a final decision.

A brief history of spinning
Evidence of fishing reels date back to the IV century . For centuries, the fishing reel was presented in Chinese and Armenian sculptural works. In 1651. Version coil was mentioned in “The Art of Angling “. There is evidence that fishing received since 2000 BC on a stone in Egypt, China, Greece and other ancient civilizations.

During the English civil war began popular hunting for flies. Over the next fifty years, published several books on the art of catching fish and fishing, and the best ways to catch the biggest fish. Then fishing rods and reels began to develop.

Reels spinning reels were first used in North America in the 70-ies. XIX century. They were created so they can be used with flies wędkarskimi or other types of baits for catching freshwater fish, such as salmon or trout. They also helped to prevent entanglement of the lines at backlash, if the fish fell off the rope.

Only in 1948. The company Mitchell Reel Company of France introduced the advanced type of reel. It bore the name of Mitchell 300 and constantly przymocowała coil rod and offer it in various types and sizes for anglers in fresh water and in salt water.

Currently, there are many popular kołowrotkowych firms that design and sell high-quality coils, offering a wide range of options from which consumers can choose.