Best Spin Mops 2017

Nothing about mopowania does not seem intuitive and easy, intense, as a rule, leaves on the floor traces of fluid, which usually means immersion tools to clean in dirty water. MOP rotating eliminate many of the problems associated with cleaning the floor and solve some of these annoying problems.

The most innovative feature of this MOP name – part spinowa. Instead of pushing a lot of strips of fabric directly to the wooden cross that move, extra-absorbent microfiber face from a flat rotating disk, which rotates when moving on the floor. This action spin helps to collect much more dirt and debris, and also requires much less work on Your part.

Most of the models available on the market that uses a new type exclusively strip of microfiber, that allows one head to absorb two litres of liquid with ease without dripping any liquids back to the floor. Most mops rotation also facilitates cleaning under low furniture. Often the handle can bend exactly in the place where attached to the rotating disc, so that you can reach a few feet under the sofa or table, while square MOP marks on the floor.

The motion of the spin is an integral part of floor cleaning and cleaning the MOP. Most mops rotation included with washing machine with dryer. First place dirty ILO spryskiwaczu and press the telescopic handle so the head turned, pushing the dirty water into the bucket. Then slide the MOP to the side of the dryer.

Depending on the model, you can have a pedal or lever, which you enter by turning the dryer, just as normal moving the dryer and leaves you with a completely dry MOP. Have you noticed that another feature of microfiber is that they do not store any stains, so after cleaning you always have bright, white ILO. If you have a unit with wheels, you can throw her into the next room and start again.

The Creator made it in the theater
Film joy of 2015 with the participation of Jennifer Lawrence were loosely based on the life of the Creator of one of the first przędzących and joy Mangano. Mangano has been developing, since, as I was a little girl, coming up with a fluorescent flea collar for dogs, when I was a teenager working at the animal hospital.

Mangano has more than 100 patents on various inventions, including racking the slide and the line neutralizatorów smell, but invested your life savings in your favorite of the ILO. Fortunately, the product has sold more than 18,000 units within a half hour after the release of the first television advertising.

The Miracle Mop was the first of its kind to be cleaning tool that was included in the technology samoobijania , which means that the client can clean and dry without touching the wet fibers at the end. This was particularly revolutionary, as the option to never touch the head of a MOP, allowed to use extra hot water on the floors, as well as any cleaning solutions, which craves your heart, without fear of burning or irritation of hands. The Miracle Mop is considered the inspiration for the MOP rotation.

Mangano sold her explosive product under its company Arma Products, later changed its name to Ingenious Designs and sold its parent company Home Shopping Network.

Two places in which you have to wipe your health
House cleaning is a big job, as it is expected that you forget about some places. But when dust accumulates, this can pose a big problem for Allergy sufferers , and when dirt grows, it may attract a different kind of small creature. Mold can also produce gasses called microbial volatile organic compounds that not only smell awful, but attract earthworms.

It is important that you moved the refrigerator and mopped up the floor on which it sits, every few months. In the area of the refrigerator, seen a lot of action, spilled drinks, crumbs after eating departure from Tupperware. These things can get stuck under the fridge to grow mold and attract termites and other bugs.

Carefully wipe also from under the bottom of the toilet. This is another area, which can attract harmful bacteria. Think about it: you probably brush your teeth directly next to it, allowing the saliva to come up and cut her nails, I never really know where these decorations are. Because many bathrooms do not have good ventilation, especially important to go in with a MOP, broom and collect the dirt from the floor that may lead to health problems.