Best Soldering Stations 2017

If you want to do something right, do it yourself. This proposal makes sense, if you prefer to do your projects at home and / or to experiment with the tools. On the other hand, you can also be professional naprawcą, plumber or just an Amateur hobbystą looking for something that will make it so that you will be busy around the house. Regardless of the situation soldering station will come in handy when you decide on such a project.

Soldering is a process in which two or more subjects (usually metals) are interconnected through intense and focused heat with a metal, performing (or lutowiem) used in combination. Metal filler, typically has a lower melting point than the neighboring pieces. Depending on the application, different alloys may be used as the material of the filler during the brazing process. These include alloys such as cynowo-lead, tin-zinc for joining aluminium, lead-silver and silver-kadem to ensure the strength at high temperatures, zinc and aluminum for corrosion resistance, and tin-silver / tin-bismuth soldering electronics.

There are 3 forms of soldering, which require progressively higher temperatures, which leads to progressively more strong joints. The 3 forms include soft soldering silver soldering and brazing. When soft soldering is the main component of lead. Heat is superimposed on the pieces that you are going to connect, while the melting point of the filler material is about 400 ° C (752 ° F).

When the filler melts, the two pieces are joined in a process called zwilżaniem . Soft soldering uses the lowest temperatures but does not create a connection as strong as other forms of soldering. Silver soldering is the most commonly used by jewelers and engineers for the repair or binding of precious metals. Creates stronger relations / connections than soft soldering and requires the use of a flashlight at very high temperatures. Soldering gives a strong binding of all 3 forms of soldering using brass alloy as a filler.

Your intended purpose determines the type of station in which you invest. For example, if you feel beyond repair – Felix, hobbystę or engineer equipment, then the power and guidance of the soldering connections are most important to you. However, the intricacy and accuracy of your iron is also important, especially if you work with electronics.

It’s time to create a bond
The correct choice of the soldering station does not constrain tasks. You just need to ask yourself what you intend to use it. A station has easy, read digital display so you always know how hot Your iron, while others allow you to program the temperature so that there is always a constant. This provides the most consistent binding.

Other soldering station-it is an iron stand with adjustable tilt angle, which is useful when working with metals, on strange forms. Depending on the available space in the workshop or garage, the size and storage capability of the station and its components is of paramount importance.

Energy efficiency is another crucial factor in your decision, as low-voltage models can help to prevent unwanted surges in the electrical system, when the soldering iron reaches very high temperatures. For this reason, a good choice is also the possibility of testing himself.

If you include soldering in the company, it’s a good idea to find a station with a fast heating function and the temperature recovery.

Soldering has its place in the house, on Assembly lines, in factories, and has a number of applications that offer both practicality for fixing common subjects for artistic expression in the form of precious ornaments, as in the modern facilities of printed circuit boards that allow your electronic devices to function effectively. Due to the wide range of application soldering is a form of learning and expression that will not leave us in the near future.

Soldering during
Pike has more than 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Think about all the works of gold, created by the ancient Egyptians and their use in metallurgy . Some of the most impressive achievements in the field of soldering you can bring to the Romans, who przylutowali 400 km long water pipes made of lead with seams that will withstand 18 ATM (water-resistant).

Many of the earliest available soldering alloys was legs found in nature, which means that only some soldering with a very limited set of properties was actually available at the time. This suggests further that the idea of soldering can be performed only by skilled craftsmen who spend most of their time in jewelry or installation of handles on a decorative plate. Because the material was considered rare and expensive and only the rich could afford.

How to improve your soldering skills, as the scientific understanding of the interaction involved in the process have taken place over the last century . For example, soft soldering has become a separate field of engineering, in the electronics industry and combines concepts of chemistry, metallurgy and physics.

In the modern era of computers soldering technology continues to play an important role in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB), which are defined as complex paths created by metal inserts for smooth transfer of electrical energy. This type of soldering requires careful work in a very small scale, to provide continuous operation with an electronic device that uses a single printed circuit Board. He said that soldering can solve many problems that go beyond simple join 2 pieces of metal.