Best Solar Backpacks 2017

Look at the horizon and tell me if you don’t read an apocalyptic omenów. If not, you’re not strong enough. Of course, the coming collapse of the functioning of society, as we know, is not the only reason why you invest in a solar backpack, but this is the most interesting, anything to talk about.

Of course, you can charge the batteries of the camera and cellphone while travelling through the beautiful wild areas or to be able to rely on a constant, free source of energy in the transition from country to country without a Converter, but it is not ” is there a more exciting to think that this backpack may one day be not only a convenient source of natural power, but the only source of electricity?

Anyway, the solar backpack is a lifesaver. Just glue a series of solar modules at the rear and upper areas simple backpack manufacturers you turned your suitcases are in your own plant.

To understand how these packages can help you understand how they work solar panels. In fact, a solar panel consists of tons of little pods of energy called solar cells. These cells work in a sense, like Velcro, as each of them has their own page, one charged negatively, the second positively-charged.

The respective obligations of each of them are the result of doping of either party (both are based on silicon ) with boron or phosphorus. After the connection of boron and silicon in it has gaps in it caused by lack of boron in electron walencyjnych necessary to create ties with other substances. When the phosphorus and the silicon are connected, the opposite, the real, and the extra electron exists where there are atoms. Thus, admixture with an admixture of boron moves a positive charge, while silicon doped with phosphorus carries a negative charge.

In space, where there are both sides, the extra electrons on the side of the phosphorus perevarivat to fill in the holes on the side of the forest, creating an electric field in the space between them is called the zone of exhaustion.

When a photon of light passes through the depletion of cells, it knocks out an electron, which is loose in the hole, and each of the parties will embark to balance the area out, throwing a free electron in the direction along the metal wire, creating electric current.

How far are you willing to go?
The choice of a backpack solar energy may initially sound decision about the quality of the result and is it true that you want to have a pack that you really wanted to spend in the sun. Otherwise, you could answer a simple backpack without this wonderful technology solar, and it would be a shame.

After zawężeniu our list for a smaller amount stylish packets you can begin to evaluate them based on their functions and functions that are most important to You depends on the distance you plan to travel.

If you are going for long without access to reliable electrical energy, and focus on the packaging, which can produce more juice than the competition with less sunlight, and, preferably, with an internal energy reservoir for storage. They are a little heavier than bags in the style of “use when you” but in the long run they are more useful.

Maybe you just want to keep your phone charged when you are traveling in another country , though, to make sure that you have enough power to run all of the applications necessary to navigate a foreign land. Small, lightweight bags with just the bar and fork will probably be enough for You.

The power extracted from the Sun
While French physicist Edmund Bequerel first noticed the photoelectric effect in 1839, the first module, photovoltaic, as such, will not work as long as Bell Laboratories has not built it in 1954. Of course, it was after albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921. for his work on the effect fotoelektrycznym.

These early modules, made by the Bell ” and the other was small and quite inefficient with a short life span and groteskowymi tags, but were required to develop much stronger and cheaper solar technologies that we use today. Another big impetus to the development of solar technology came from NASA in the sixties of the XX century, who began seriously to use solar power on their spacecraft and satellites.

In recent years, the vast majority of solar research was aimed at the consumer market, and the company offer participation in investments to compensate for initial costs to homeowners.

In the public sector have already noticed, the inclusion of arrays of solar panels for street lights and road signs, and this is only the beginning. A small part of the typical American road Route 66 makes a huge transformation of solar energy , replacing the pavement special, experimental street solar energy, which shall be supplied by nearby communities, directly flush ice on the bridge and transmitting information about the transitions on animals, accidents and more.