Best Smart Rings 2017

Technology wearing appeared for the first time in human history more than 700 years ago, when glasses were invented in Italy. Though glasses may not seem impressive compared to advanced technologies currently being developed, it was a stunning feat of engineering and ingenuity at the time. Several hundred years later in the Qing dynasty of China was developed wearable scores in the form of a ring. This can potentially be considered as the first smart ring.

Throughout human history, people worked on the development of devices for wearing on the body, which can improve or resolve a number of activities. GoPro wasn’t the first camera to carry. This distinction applies to the German Apothecary Julius Neubronnera and comes with a 1907 when he invented the technique of shooting pigeons . It is a small camera with a later time was attached to a pigeon equipped with a simple aluminum chest harness. Was used by the German military for catching aerial photos because of the lines of the enemy.

First wear computer was established in 1960 for two professors at MIT. Claude Shannon and Edward Thorpe invented a device that allowed them to predict the outcome of roulette. This first computer to carry to have three components: the data for measuring the speed of a roulette wheel, a computer for data transfer and a hearing device that receives the data and transmitted them to the user.

In 1975, computers for wearing had the character clock calculator, the first of which was released Pulsar and cost 550 UAH. Considering inflation, the first hours calculators are now much more than a smart watch of Apple. In the 80-ies. 90. he saw the emergence of a number of additional wearable technology, such as mBracelet, which was the first version of contactless payments and head-mounted Private Eye , which can be considered a precursor to Google Glass.

Many wore in the 90-ies. technology is a commercial hatch , but in the first and second decade of the 2000s years. smaller and more stylish wearable devices, such as smartwatche and device for monitoring the condition, feel a great demand of consumers and will pave the way to a future in which technology, wear comfortable. becoming more and more a part of everyday life.

Many features of smart rings
More smart rings hits the market every day, each with its own set of functions. The main feature that would be expected in any intelligent call, incoming calls, notification calls and email messages. A lot of smart tunes enables you to configure notifications based on who is calling. For example, you can set the notification from the husband or wife that vibrates three times and then blink blue light, while the connection from mother to vibrate twice and flash a yellow light. Another option is setting the style of notification depending on the contact type. All business contacts can have one style of notifications, and friends social can have another.

With the emergence of more advanced models, it is possible to consider a number of additional functions. Some clever models of the ring include activity tracking and monitors formula of sleep to help keep tabs on health. Alarms they are often part slim and smart rings that are designed for daily wearing while some of the larger models contain the features that are typical for this activity and is designed to be put on and taken off before and after surgery. You can also find models that are able to control the music playback from smartphones.

Additional features such as the ability to move a video in Netflix or run commands on the touch screen monitors are becoming more common place. Models designed for use in conference rooms can even control Powerpoint presentations.

Currently there are a number of additional functions, and some companies have developed models that allow you to write text in the air, unlocking doors using smart lock, transmitting information to devices other people are using NFC , and even functioning as a bus ticket.

The balance of form and function
Along with creating more advanced intelligent ring, is capable of a wider range of functions, many developers accepts the challenge balance of form and function. On the one hand, it seems obvious that the consumers want smart ring that can do more, on the other hand, the more features will be included, the more and more cumbersome smart ring becomes wearing.

The small size or absence of screens on smart rings is another problem when devices are added additional capabilities. It is difficult to convey to the user the necessary information. Too many different styles of notifications can quickly become misleading, and many people can forget a gesture that controls a specific function.

Each developer solves these problems on its own. Some companies decide to create a smart ring that can be a bit too cumbersome to use throughout the day, but they will perfectly match during execution of a particular task. Other companies are looking for ways to keep the small size of the device, while being able to incorporate a wide range of functions, making them more accessible to the General public.