Best Skin Scrubbers 2017

Even the best products for skin care are not able to produce clean , supple and healthy skin that you need, if you have bad clogged pores and dead skin cells that cover the face. Exfoliating peelingy mostly poorly penetrate clogged pores, removing potentially some visible form release oils known as sebum , but without opening the pores.

Also, moisturizing balms or oils can fully penetrate the skin that is clogged and / or covered adult, wysuszonymi skin cells, thereby preventing their hydration, which in turn leads to excessive production of oil and more clogged pores. The cycle can be hard to break, and the longer Your skin is suffering from improper cleansing and exfoliation, the harder it is to achieve the desired face, both for health and beauty.

But where they can’t reach exfoliant and soap, ultrasonic waves can increase the popularity of ultrasonic skruberów. These compact devices are now visible in professional Spa and home treatments, and they are easy and effective when used as part of a larger scheme to cleanse. Cleaning system the skin has a slight projection in the form of blades, which are sent every second, tens of thousands of minute vibration. System cleaning the skin helps to relax and lift seborrhea and Polish dead skin cells and any dirt or other contaminants, are too delicate to be easy to remove. Done correctly, this process is painless and does not cause any reddening, swelling or any discomfort.

Ultrasonic cleaning skruberów is an excellent alternative to microdermabrasion , mechanical methods of cleaning face, which is currently popular for several decades, but which has many disadvantages. In contrast to the benign effect of the ultrasonic treatment, the more severe the action of the grinding and suction in the treatment of microdermabrasion can irritate and even damage the sensitive skin, ultimately causing more problems than it relieves.

Using the clean air from the exhaust of the skin
Proper use of purification systems air from the exhaust means of the skin first to prepare the skin where the device will be used. Your face should be clean and heat before beginning the cleaning procedure. System to clean the skin well-performed its function, the skin needs to be wet . While for this purpose it can serve hot water, the use of special oil or balm, works even better, because the products do not dry out during surgery and can better penetrate the skin, helping to relax the slag and sediments.

Then gently swipe szpachelkę skin on the surface of the skin with the edge of the blade, holding it at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. After a few slow przechodzeniach the entire surface that needs to be processed, the purification system of the skin did its job for the day. Now for the Clinician or individual should choose cleaning products that is suitable for his skin type for later washing, and then ultimately, the choice of moisturizer that does not clog pores. (This is very important, because after ultrasonic cleaning with the use of the skin, the pores can be in their full state).)

Regular use of an air purification system from the exhaust skin can do something more than just the treatment of problems with acne , removal of pores and remove dead epidermis; these devices can also encourage better blood flow and can strengthen the skin, adding more flexibility and reduce the appearance of existing, wrinkled skin and slowing down the development of new wrinkles.

Tips for brighter skin
Healthy skin begins with overall health . The better and more balanced diet , the better Your skin looks. Proper hydration is also crucial to obtain a clean, radiant skin. And, of course, to avoid exposure to the sun, minimize the use of alcohol and tobacco, as well as other healthy steps is part of the optimal skin.

But it is also important to create an individual approach to skin care; all skin types use hydration and minimal exposure to sunlight, not all skin will react the same way to certain types of Soaps, lotions, oils and many more in your life.

Make sure you have as much sleep as you need to feel fresh and productive, and you can be sure that your skin will look as good as possible. Consider placing a filtration of air in rooms where you spend the most time such as bedrooms and office because of bad air quality, for example, under the influence of smoke, smog and chemicals can have a negative impact on your skin. How to avoid stress is not only beneficial to mental and emotional health, but also for your skin.

Finally, please note any medications or supplements that you take regularly. If there is a warning on dry skin, or you suspect that skin diseases can be associated with the drug, or addition, feel free to talk to your doctor. You may be able to change medications or change the dose without losing effectiveness, and you can give the skin a break at the same time.