Best Shop Lights 2017

Proper lighting is necessary in any workplace, regardless of whether it is a plant, shop or office. This is because people receive about 85 percent of the information through sight . Most people know that bad lighting can seriously prevent a person to obtain the necessary information with the eyes, but also Vice versa. The light is too bright, can be just as harmful. The light also helps our body to set the timer daily . Too bright and those in the blue spectrum, such as those released from the computer screen or a smartphone, can make it difficult to fall asleep, and the muted lighting in the middle of the day may cause drowsiness.

Appropriate forms of lighting in the workplace bring the guns use; can increase productivity and reduce the number of accidents. Studies have shown that appropriate, high quality lighting can increase productivity by 10-50 percent. There are many reasons for this state of Affairs. The right lighting will help to reduce eye fatigue, especially when working on small objects that require complex installation. Excessive eye fatigue associated with nausea, headaches and even pain in the neck, because people often bring the person to what they work, which leads to the fact that they are an unnatural positions. All of these things can impede concentration, leading to lower productivity. A well-lit area also often leads to happier employees, and everyone knows that a happy worker is a better employee. Good lighting reduces mistakes and errors, which leads to greater productivity.

In the workshops, in which employees often use their sharp, dangerous machinery, proper lighting is doubly important because it improves workplace safety and increases productivity. The presence of a well-lit store can significantly reduce the number of accidents in the workshop for many reasons. Sick blindness caused by the transition from brightly lit area to a poorly lit space, or, conversely, is the cause of many injuries during the workshops. Ensure that all areas of the store have an equal and proper lighting, can prevent it. If the worker uses sharp objects, such as a circular saw or jigsaw , in the dim light, are much more likely to skid and more potential damage.

Warm Light Vs Cool Light
Incandescent bulbs have many different spectral ranges, and the understanding of the importance of different dimensions is important because each range is best suited for a particular purpose . Light spectrum is measured using the Kelvin scale and, as a rule, defines them as the color temperature . The Kelvin scale has a very wide range, but for practical reasons we focus on the region from 1 000 to 10 000 000. The lower the number, the more red-spectrum light source, and the higher the number, the more blue-spectrum light source. The color temperature of the candle is approximately 1000 to 2000 CC, and the temperature of the color blue in the sky is around 10,000 K or more. Direct sunlight at noon on a clear day is in the range from 5000 to 6000K.

Lamp available in Commerce are generally in the range from 2500K to 7000K. Incandescent lamp color temperature from 2700K to 3500K are ciepłobiałymi headlights. Best suited for residential spaces such as bedrooms and dining rooms. They help to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation. Lamps with a color temperature of 4000 to 4500 K are natural white lights. This range is ideal for home workspace, for example, in the office. Can also be a good choice for bathroom or kitchen where it wants to clearly see how to chop the ingredients or to apply makeup. Lamp in a range of color temperatures from 5000 to 6000K are cool white lights. This range is best suited for commercial applications such as retail stores, workshops and offices, medical. Usually exaggerates the colors and makes small details easier to see.

How to choose the best light, shop
As mentioned earlier, choosing the right type and spectrum of light has a huge impact on performance and safety . It is important to remember that the correct level of lighting depends on the nature of the task . For example, a complex and highly detailed work such as Assembly of small items, or dangerous work, such as using a bandsaw , require bright light than unloading trucks. The correct light levels also depend on the employees themselves. Older workers generally require bright lighting in the workplace than younger employees. Some people may feel comfortable in a dark, warm light, because they feel that creates a cosy atmosphere, while others prefer a bright, cool light.

Buy lamp-workshop for personal use is much easier than buying it in the store, commercial, because you know exactly what kind of light best suits You. Selecting one of them in a commercial store, it is best to follow the recommended OSHA recommendations minimum lighting .

If you want to light up the entire garage with lighting zadaniowym, as a rule, the best are LEDs or fluorescent lamps. The cost of entry to a fluorescent lamp is cheaper, but wypalą faster than LEDs, which requires periodic to spend additional money on replacement bulbs. Because of this, if you install lights in hard to reach places, the use of LEDs is 40,000 hours, or more often the best choice as you rarely have to change it. Fluorescencje also tend to flicker, which can be very distracting.

If you are looking for portable lighting that can be moved from work place to work place, as a rule, the best choice is a halogen bulb single or dwugłowicowa. They are able to create a high level of lighting with compact units and can be equipped with the beam parameters powodziowej or point. Most of them were built with emphasis on strength, often equipped with a protective cage around the lights, hardened glass lens, sturdy handles and a stable stand of the tripod.