Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes 2017

In the case of most cats use the cuvette is instinctive. Cats naturally tend to use sand or earth to remove, so that the pelvis-rather, it is a natural compromise house arrest. But what does it mean when your cat would seem to throw these natural instincts, instead of delete on your Persian rug ? Fortunately, if you face any of these problems, we are here to help You solve the problem, which can lead to unusual behavior of Your cat.

Correction takes time : imagine that you are using a regular toilet for many years, and one day, without explanation, you go to the bathroom only to replace it with, bidet and high technologies. This toilet, but don’t know how to open the seat, and maybe even a little scary You expected action pump. What is it? How did you get here? It would harm me? This, of course, a bit simplified, but it can be like feeling your cat when you change its standard automatic self-cleaning the cuvette the cuvette itself. For the cat this electronic version may look like a monster with teeth and grabieniem przysadzistym engine, which sounds like growling. Can you really be surprised if your cat doesn’t want to get close to him? Fortunately, there are things you can do to help the cat to change.

First of all, do not expect that your cat will come out of old cans cold Turkey . Give Kitty a chance to warm up, allowing her to explore this new device when removing it from the box. Then set it next to the old litter box of a cat, but not activate it yet – it gives her the opportunity to study him without fear of the loud and unexpected electronic elements. After switching off it for a few days, your cat is accustomed to the box itself.

After a few days, turn on the electronic litter box . Most samoczyszczących itself, a ditch is a way to manually enable the function of collecting, so turn it several times a day to see your cat for the presence of the radiated sound. Try to avoid it, if your cat is near and avoid it especially when he uses his old booth. It may surprise her and create negative associations.

When your cat no longer seems surprised by the boxes or the sound it makes by adding insulation. If you are changing types of litters, try to add some measurements from the old litter to leave to help Your cat adjust. You should do this only once or twice.

Leave the old cell with new and be sure and praise the cat when it uses the new box. If you remove the old box too quickly – before your cat will feel comfortable with the new boxes – your cat may not, in General, use the litter box. Wow! If your cat simply refuses to use the new box, check if you’re able to convince her that she did, allowing the old ditch itself zabrudziła (cats can’t bear it!). When your cat begins to regularly use the new cell and does this for a few weeks, take the old cell. If your cat still does not exclude in the right place, remember not to scold him and does not rebuke – this may worsen the situation and exacerbate her anxiety related to the use of new boxes. Instead, try to practice patience and give your cat time change.

Health problems : One of the reasons why your cat may stop using cuvette – or does not want to adapt to the new cell due to health problems . If your cat stopped using the container for the cat, it seems, incapable of elimination, even when trying to do it, or spends an extraordinary amount of time cleaning their genitals, you should immediately take the cat to the vet. These can be symptoms of a urinary tract infection or a more serious blockage, especially if you have a cat male. Male cats more podatnena urinary tract infection and blocking due to their urethra, which are much narrower than the extended coil in the bladder of cats. These health problems are severe and can even lead to death due to the accumulation of toxins, if there is a complete lock, so it is important to make sure that the problem cat is not medical, if he / she shows these symptoms.

Other problems, Other factors may affect the willingness of the cat to use his litter box, both standard and samoczyszczącej, such as its location, shape, type of litter or cleanliness . Cats are finicky and what seems minor, like any of the things mentioned above could be causing the problem.

Since the elimination of problems with the location of the droppings will be the easiest, start with that. Make sure the container for the cats-empty and closed, where they won’t disturb him with loud sounds such as buzzing devices, and that they should not exceed the road another pet. In addition, try to put the cuvette in the place where the foot traffic is minimal and does not have too many people coming and going.

Make sure your cat can easily enter and exit the cell . Some geriatric cats will need the cell with the low entrance to the wall. In addition, many cat owners choose the cell that are too small for their cats. According to Petfinder , a box of garbage needs to be at least one and a half times the length of the cat .

Finally, try to take cell every day . Probably spłukujesz every time you use the toilet, so why your cat does not deserve the same luxury? Not only does that litter cleaner and fresh, but also helps to encourage the cat to eliminate in the right place.

The science of cat smell
Many people do not like to manipulate lay for cats, because to be in close proximity to feces is just disgusting, and who can blame them? But there may be scientific evidence to support the position of those who want to stay away from the pan, buying a self-cleaning cell itself. Thanks to the automatic self-cleaning litter collection itself, as the cell inhibit the development of parasites and bacteria in the feces and provide a minimum contact between you and the feces.

Studies show that the feces of cats can, in certain circumstances, lead to various parasitic and bacterial infections if not properly treated. Toxoplasma gondii-a parasite wydalanym with feces . Not all cats have parasites, but can get Toxoplasma infection by eating infected rodents or feces of other infected cats. After that, the cat can throw the parasite in the feces for up to two weeks.

Although rare, people can be infected which can threaten the toxoplasmosis infection in several ways. Among them is the ingestion of something that was contaminated with feces of infected cats. Persons who may threaten the toxoplasmosis infection is infected with the virus show no symptoms or mild form of the disease, but can have a strong effect on fetuses when pregnant women are infected with the virus.

Thanks niehigienicznym procedures in respect of contaminated gravel cats people can get bacterial infections, such as kampylobakterioza caused by the bacteria Campylobacter . Campylobacteriosis can cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, cramps, or diarrhea. Cats can become infected by the bacteria Salmonella , causing salmonellosis formed to transfer to the people. Salmonella can cause similar symptoms as kampylobakterioza, such as severe diarrhea and cramps.

If the chances of Contracting any of these infections are rare, self-cleaning capacity for cats can minimize contact with potentially hazardous waste. This can be especially good investment for people with diseases that threaten their combination immune system and can cause these minor infections become life-threatening.

The history and design of samoczyszczących litter boxes
During the study samoczyszczących yourself a ditch, you’ll be amazed that almost none of these products works the same way. They comprise a unique category of consumer goods, in which each cuvette has a tendency to use a completely different technology than the next, unlike, say, a standard toilet, which functions almost the same as any other toilet. Maybe it’s a question of patents, and maybe just because no one has invented a better way to automatically throw garbage of cats. Regardless of this diversity has led to some quite innovative projects, which we will discuss in the following sections.


History samoczyszczących ditch yourself short, because has been around since 1991. It seems that the first project of automatic cleaning of the cuvette was patented in September 1991, about Angelo Carlisi . Like most modern models, involves the use of motor-driven rakes for filtration of solid particles. The design was probably made possible by the invention as a litter for cats in the 80-ies. The twentieth century , making litter for the cat were less polluted and easier to filter.


Most modern electronic cells that are sensitive to pressure has a sensor. In the simplest case, the sensor is activated when a cat enters or exits the cell. Typically, there is a programmed delay which starts after activation of the sensor and gives the cat enough time to complete its activities before the action of accession. Some of the more complex cells have sensors that record and even adapt to the weight of the cat, allowing them to accommodate both large and small cats.


To filter waste from clean litter, most cases with girls in a bar using an automatic scraper, which carries excrement in the tray waste. Some of these cells, such as a Robot, trash, use of this ingenious rotation mechanism. The container itself in the form of the dome rotates, moving the litter next to the stationary rake. In other models, the rake passes through the rectangular container, leaving the bundles in the tray or other container. Some boxes that use of this last mechanism, such as ScoopFree, this method is improved by using crystals absorb the urine and the dried solids, thus reducing unpleasant odors and reduces the likelihood of clogging the teeth of the rake. CatGenie goes a step further, to rake solids in the vessel in which they are essentially liquid and are placed in the feeder, as a rule, led to the toilet.

The security mechanism

It is easy to imagine a terrible scenario in which your curious cat gets into a ditch during a cleaning cycle, but fear not, because the engineers had anticipated this, and included solutions for their projects. Many samoczyszczących ditch itself has safety mechanisms that are activated when the sensor detects that your cat is entered in the box. After starting the mechanism the cleaner will stop and the delay timer will reset, giving Your cat enough time to leave the cell.