Best Self Balancing Scooters 2017

The route choice are very personal and depend on how you feel, how far you have to travel, what the weather is and how easy the streets . Bikes are reliable, but require physical energy, which can be painful if you ride to work. Cars are dangerous for the environment, not the most healthy form of daily commuting to work.

More economical, ecological and easy to use alternative as self-balancing scooter myself. We’re not talking about futuristic hoverboardach, as can be seen in the second part of back to the future, because this term is sometimes used to describe similar concepts.

Technically, the scooter is portable and battery powered with two side wheels. Putting feet on the pillows under pressure allows you to control the device. Some of them only have one wheel, with two pillows of the guides on both sides. The basic elements of samowyważącego scooter (with two wheels): Central processing unit (CPU), a set of batteries, two gyroscopes , infrared sensors, lights, two electric motors, two sensors of tilt and speed, charging port and cushion, screws that are on the switches.

Think of the processor as the brain, which interpreterpath the overall condition of the scooter, its current speed and angle of each wheel. Tilt sensors and speed detect wheel revolutions per minute (RPM) and placed inside the wheels together with electric motors. The sensors are controlled by the connection of a person’s feet, the weight shift on the cushions clamping a scooter and termination LED headlamp scooter.

To accelerate, the rider leans forward on the scooter with both feet. The more the rider leans forward, the faster the scooter goes. This is because the tilt sensors and gyroscopes interpretiruya tilt movement forward as a command to increase the speed of the scooter. Increasing speed, thus saved will be the center of gravity of the driver, as well as the inner ear maintains balance .

Light, infrared led (located on the bottom of the scooter) operate as markers of commands for each sensor. When pressure is applied in front of both brake pads, front switches of the scooter (located under each washer) is also pressed to the bottom. Pressing any switch causes a shift in a small plastic barrier between each diode and a corresponding infrared sensor, interrupting, thus, the light LED. When the sensors detect a violation, the processor instructs the respective motors rotate forward.

In order to slow, stop or move backwards, the rider simply leans back and puts pressure on the back of the fingers (including rear switches), with heels. Turn left or right is accomplished through control of dociskaczami tilt forward or backward. For example, to turn left, the rider puts pressure on the front part of the right leg and the heel of the left foot. It instructs scooter to spun the right wheel forward, left wheel back. The wheel rotates in the opposite direction affects the direction of rotation.

As it is powered by a battery, work is quiet, creating virtually no emissions of harmful substances into the environment. It also saves you a small fortune in the filling of fuel gas, and significantly lighter and more mobile.

Self-bilansująca Scooter History, Hitches and Hope
General opinion ascribes China’s industrial wytwórczemu origin scooter samowyważącego. Due to the fast pace of the industry can be difficult to determine exactly what the Chinese manufacturer, has arrived on the scene first . It is believed that the Chic Robotics (also known as Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd ) was the first who invented self-balancing scooter. The company was founded in 2013 and is associated with a prestigious University in Zhejiang . The company released a scooter called Smart S1 in August 2014.

Next year, the market appeared numerous Chinese scooters, where greed of money has surpassed the need for security. He turned into the inevitable problems , especially in the case of some models an incendiary yourself, scooter. Incidents in places like new York and Louisiana has caused the recall of more than half a million samobalansujących scooter Commission United States Consumer product Safety in July 2016.

But do not press yet. Although these incidents were serious, it is very important to understand what caused such defects in the first place. In 2015 self-balancing scooter was on many Christmas lists as the most recent and hottest accessory that so many people wanted under the tree. This applies to both celebrities and civilians. Due to such high demand during holiday season 2015, different Chinese manufacturers began mass production of motor scooters by using materials of low quality in the hope that they will attract the usual buyers, at more affordable prices.

This is not a rare phenomenon, when production decreases to a large demand to keep up with it. Because of this I cannot select Chinese manufacturers as the only that do this. Mass production and franchises often leads to reduced product quality, so as to obtain financial profit. Coincidentally, in the case of a scooter samowyładowczego the main culprit of many defects and inventory in 2015. Was lithium ion battery .

Many batteries were under the washers guide the scooter. The fires were prone to, regardless of what the scooters were connected and whether to boot or not. In the case of batteries, the low quality of contact with objects on can become much more dangerous. In addition, a separator between the cathode and the anode in a cheaper battery, both of which conduct electricity, can be correctly aligned. This situation occurred more often short-circuit due to the increase of the temperature inside the battery sensor.

Despite how depressing it may appear this problem, the light at the end of the tunnel due to the safety standard of the Underwriter Laboratories UL2272, which was introduced in early 2016. This standard requires that a self-balancing scooter has passed a rigorous testing process during which systems, electric, battery and charger are certified. This certification will offer consumers additional confidence that their purchase was a smart and safe investment.

Some of the recent scooter models are equipped with integrated Bluetooth speakers and extra lights. In recent years the popularity of scooters in the United States due to the high precision and American companies PhunkeeTree , which began to circulate samobalansujących scooter after its cofounders were zaprezentowani skuterowi during the Hong Kong Electronics Show in 2014.

So, what can we expect from self-balancing scooter the future? Some companies, such as the IO Hawk working snowmobile that offer wi-fi, prolonging battery life. For the noisy passengers that are in contact and travel on the map a greater distance without Supplement good visible benefits. Even Lexus is currently working on his form namagnesowanej technology hoverboard using liquid nitrogen, which cools the superconductor disk. Although he is not yet ready for an epic hoverboard Marty McFly ” from Back to The Future, Two, definitely looks like a step in the right direction.

Taking it slow
The battery life, maximum speed and load time are important factors for a scooter, which he chooses. Different models provide a maximum speed of ten miles an hour and the journey takes up to fourteen miles on a single charge. For beginners it is important to set the time to adjust to method of operation, the scooter.

This can be done using the wall to gain leverage, when you learn to balance the motorcycle. And mode for beginners sometimes built into the design of the scooter to limit the speed in the beginning. Some scooters have the steering arms for extra control and comfort, especially while riding through the busy streets.

Think about the style of scooter which you want. There’s different brands and colors, so find one that speaks for you and your personal preferences will be important when you plan to ride all the time. Some of the best samobalansujących scooters also have a reliable pneumatic tyres with cushioning at impact.

If we are talking about self-steering scooter, safety and reliability are of paramount importance. If you find a scooter certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), an American consulting company dealing with safety certification, you make a step in the right direction. Battery with UL certificate means that it has been tested, verified and approved to meet security requirements and that is especially important for added peace of mind.