Best Security Cameras 2017

Imagine that the camera was running continuously and the collected data were transferred from minute to minute on the server in the cloud.

Many conspiracy theorists argue that this happens all the time that the camera is always on and always recording everything you do, where you are, and so on.

These conspiracy theorists, unfortunately not too far. Last year Samsung announced that in the interests of clients will not talk about sensitive personal data in the presence of any of their latest Smart TVs. Apparently, you always listen

So many security cameras, but without the secret collection of personal data.

Modern security system connected to the physical data logger, which can accommodate many days of material or connected directly to the router Wi-Fi so he could constantly transfer video to cloud services.

The lack of services in the cloud? Well, maybe it’s to compensate for the traffic on the side of the transmission and usually costs a monthly fee to save up all the server space.

Most modern security cameras also has the ability night vision , usually in the form of IR sensitivity . Your camera actually emits infrared light (that you can see when you hold the camera lens field of view in a dark room).

After the IR is reflected from the fact that the room got a infrared sensor in the same way as conventional sensor white light camera records every action throughout the day.

The army of the parameters
Everyone wants to be safe. No one wants to think that they are being watched.

So, perhaps, are in balance . You get one camera to the Board rooms in the house, the area through which someone he had to go to harm you, your family or your evaluators.

Maybe it’s just. Maybe it’s not. The fact that you know your space.

Some of these devices have incredibly wide viewing angles, but if your space is fairly open, one camera can provide you all the range you can expect. If you have a house or if you are a collector, you may need more than one camera.

It’s a simple question.

After that, you need to deal with the video quality that you want, and whether you want to record physically in your space or online. If you have an Internet connection, what access and control do you want to get from your smartphone?

For my money, I want a system with more than one camera (you have the confidence that you can synchronize multiple units of any of these brands), which physically stores in my space, and has the same mobile features as I can get.

I understand people who want to automatically upload videos to the cloud. Thus, it is much easier. It is also part of more or less secure, if the video falls into the wrong hands.

Old security cameras All had two lens
The two lenses? Yes. Called eyes.

Look at the picture of the famous Scottish Guards regiment of the British army, which is also a tourist attraction as a constant force.

And, in a sense, this is the first security camera. Besides, who fainted. He has been released.

The fact is that long before there were cameras, we have relied solely on human observation posts that our seats were safe.

Well, but the camera is a different story. They are totalitarian and ghostly, the main tool of Big Brother, and I’m not doing this by accident.

The fact that there is almost no evidence of video cameras are used for CCTV security prior to the publication of George Orwell’s 1984. This can be the most fun thing I learned about security cameras in my time playing with them and studying them.

I believe that science fiction often involves science.

Since that time (60 years), security cameras and the technology of their capture nadążyły the development of personal and professional solutions in the field of cameras. What’s next in the case of cameras, always just around the corner to ensure safety.