Best Sawhorses 2017

Chainsaw is a simple but indispensable tool for anyone who works in construction or carpentry or loves to realize projects such as “DIY”. Most piłokształtnych made from the same base type and construction, and performs a similar function. As a rule, consists of two sets of legs connected by a beam at the top. They also have braces that give it the infamous shape of the letter “A”.

There are four basic types piłokształtnych, of which the most common is the wooden horse . Many people prefer to create their own wooden peel, but some prefer to buy them already earlier, in order to obtain functions that cannot build. If during cutting wrzynasz in the wood saw, it will not damage the saw and it can be easy to fix.

The second most common type of goat metal . They are often made with hinges to facilitate their preparation and transmission, and are used for cutting other types of metal. You can find them in industrial conditions. Less common in residential projects, because the metal can damage the wood. Most metal saws internal combustion engines, made of steel, and if they are well maintained and kept away from the elements, survive for several years.

The third and less common type of goat is a horse. It is a heavy workhorse, and it is difficult to build houses. This horse is used for cutting large pieces of wood or logs with a chainsaw . Common in the forest industry. Usually made of metal because of its strength, but some of those mowers are still made of wood.

Finally, some manufacturers sell light goats for forklifts that are built specially for carrying. Some of these plates there are even compartments for storage of tools, and many of them provide the convenience during transportation.

You will find a couple of horses used in pairs at construction sites or diy projects. Can accommodate wood or other materials for measuring and cutting, and even unable to hold wide boards or plywood to create a functional bench. Even a light type chainsaw sawhorses built to withstand a lot of weight and can withstand the pressure of saws, and even hold several heavy tools at the same time.

A simple tool, but a difficult decision
In the case of the product and basic design, chainsaw, has a lot of features to consider. Of course, bought the saw depends on the intended application and the required universality.

Select the material you want. Most piłokształtnych is made of two basic materials: wood and steel. Steel horse is a durable and often offers more adjustability and movement. However, wood goat for your softer materials and easy to repair if it gets damaged.

Select size . Maybe you need one or two small boilers for simple projects, home. Maybe you need something big to help You to create a wide space for work. Modern shells have different height, length and weight. Many are also adjustable.

Select the desired function. Both wooden and steel sawhorses for cutting is available with folding options for easy storage. Some of them have shelves to hold all the necessary tools at hand. Consider also whether you want your root was versatile. Some of them can perform the role of the escalator stairs, welding stations, racks on the beheading, and many others.

Select weight capacity . Capacity weight depends on the individual characteristics and needs of the user. Can have a range from 300 to 1000 pounds so that you can adapt to any job.

Consider portability. Chainsaws for manufacturers are made of durable materials and versatility, making them easy to stack and move. Some of them have handles for carrying, and even has a convenient cover that protects them from the external environment. Saw steel or aluminum are the most mobile devices on the market, although some of wood are adapted for easy folding and storage.

Don’t forget about comfort. Your koźla has to play an important role in your comfort while you work. The average height of the root is from twenty-four to twenty-seven inches, which is ideal for most people. However, if you lower or higher than average, you should probably check whether you have a horse ends with adjustable feet to avoid the weight in the back.

A brief history of the Sawhorse
The exact origin and history of the barrel is unclear but it is clear that it has been used for centuries. This is an illustration in the book De Re Metallica , is dated 1556, which represents millwright bearing beams of the two kozłach. It seems that these goats were made of half logs with legs that contain them. Others have documented the use of sawdust was in the mid-to late eighteenth century.

The basic shape of a chainsaw is so useful and functional that has not changed for centuries of continuous operation and progress. Despite the fact that for many years, added new elements, such as shelving for storage of tools, height adjustment and folding for carry, the basic shape and design remained the same .

Saw remains one of the most necessary and useful tools in any workshop for woodworking or Metalworking and varieties of horses, feed, made from different materials can you find in garages and on construction sites around the world.

The most complex type of an existing koźla French goat , which is considered rather a work of art acting as a base to create decorative roofs. Complex creations do not change the core functionality of the chainsaw, but just add aesthetic appeal.