Best Roof Rakes 2017

I know there’s something very tempting opportunity to see the surrounding area from the highest possible vantage point. As is often the scene outside the window of Your plane, or the view from the balcony of your hotel room, which stopped you, has filled You with a bit of a miracle, which we lack in everyday life?

However, none of these things is not a good reason to climb on the roof. You want to change your perspective? Try meditating; Your chances of survival are much higher.

Maybe your is not the highest house on the block. Maybe you want to enter just for the awnings on the ground floor, not more than 15 feet off the ground. Well, you’ll be unhappy when you learn that more than 40 percent of fatal accidents from roofs in construction took place with an area of 15 feet from the ground or less.

Report from 2015, which is shown in the figure above, along with a lot of other fascinating data about mortality, a native of Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now this is only for one year. Long-term study conducted by the Centre for Research and Training in the Construction showed that the number of drops on the roof is one third of deaths associated with a fall. More than 2,000 professionals of the construction refused ghouls in the period 1992-2009.

It should be borne in mind that this is only statistics on mortality. The number of serious and even life-changing injuries is much higher.

Of course, the roof can find a lot of things that should not have. Everything, from dead leaves, dead squirrels, can clutter up your home and pose a threat to the long term integrity of your roof. First of all, however, this snowpack. Square feet of Packed snow can weigh up to 50 pounds. This can put a lot of pressure on the roof in the winter.

Despite this, the climb there with a shovel or a broom is probably a terrible idea. That is why the rake of the roofing so a wise investment. They allow you to maintain the roof clean by removing snow and the threat remains, not putting lives at risk.

Just remember that the main movement for effective use of the scraper of the roof is pulling up. This means that all of the above, and potentially may fall where you are. While the shoulder length and angle, many rake of the roofing trying to adapt to it, probably good to wear gloves and protective eyewear so as not to drag the frozen whites of the eyeball.

The definition of a perfect roof rail
The rake of the roofing in several different shapes and sizes, and the length is one of the most important variables to consider. In the end, if you can’t take the whole roof, leaving him part of the sensitive element.

To do this, make sure that you have a Commission that’s longer than you think. You can have a little party with Pythagoras to determine the exact amount of space from the ground under your house on the tip of your roof, but you should also give yourself a safe space between you and the house. When doing the snow from your roof, you need a place to fall and I hope that you won’t be here when the time comes.

The rake of the roofing have extendable rod, some of which grow when you attach a length of metal or plastic, to the next, while other teleskopują outside from the inside. This latest variation is much more convenient to store and handle, and you can choose your length to any specification. Old style is a little harder to hide, and can be accessed only using certain gains. Its main advantage is that, as a rule, it is cheaper.

Head to the end of the rake is aspect of the tools” in which you’ll find many varieties, and it is here you should begin to decide from our selection. Some head grabiące clearly designed so that they can sensually on the roof. If you have an older or more sensitive, roof, these styles will be the best choice. This will allow to remove large amounts of debris or snow without damage to the remnants of the house.

Other styles of head, but more aggressive. They are designed primarily to address more stubborn snow and ice on roofs that can cause severe scratches. Often will resemble the shape of snow shovels . If you use a hotel like this, and you will notice that a piece or two, the roof falls with the snow, it may be worthwhile to re-visit our list and choose something more gentle.

A brief history of the game on the roof
Body and rake for a long time. Indication of the first instance of a person using another to help cleanse first a little difficult. In the end, a ladder and a snow shovel could easily do this that can make a lot grabek from our list, with the notable addition of a huge danger for the operator.

However, in the late 40-ies. XX century, the inventor Edward G. Fisher developed a sophisticated device for snow removal, for which he filed a patent in 1948 . Device Fisher is very serious I agree with you on the danger that snow and debris can present to the user on the ground. He also took into account the fact that snow removal is done during the coldest months, and that is much more convenient to remove snow from the roof without leaving home.

Design Fisher was over the sloping shoulder grabiące that could be used to achieve the snow on the roof over my head, standing in the living room. The device actually leaned out the window and zakrzywiło to the roof. The big problem with this project, of course, that didn’t see what you’ve been doing the issue that is fixed modern rake of the roofing, with their excellent materials and lever.