Best Rolling Backpacks 2017

Original backpacks are called backpacks were designed for use outdoors, such as Hiking and skiing. The first semblance of a modern backpack was created in 1938, the work on the street and veteran 10. Th mountain division, Jerry Cunninghama . To facilitate access to them during the ascent, it turned out, zipper, with two pockets and zipped compartments in the upper portion of the backpack; a revolutionary idea in comparison with the predecessor jednokomorowym with lace. Create Cunninghama wspinaczom allowed to access their contents without removing the backpack from the back. These lightning-fast the shipping was quick, and soon available in the market.

Almost 30 years later, in 1967, Cunningham made another revolutionary adaptation in a backpack. Began to be made from nylon , not from the widely used fabrics that are more durable and light. It wasn’t too long before nylon became the new standard for the material of the backpack. It was a popular time for sports, sporting events and many new companies have started to create and produce equipment outdoorowy such as Kelty, North Face, patagonia and jansport.

In the company of jansport, the company began its operations in Seattle, and one of the first products was a backpack for skiing and Hiking , sold in stores, on the street, one of which was tied to the bookstore at the University of Washington. Probably due to the large amount of precipitation in the Seattle area, many students have begun to buy a jansport backpack to carry their books. Other bookstores school from the West coast followed suit and began to sell stake in the company jansport students popularyzując them forever. Despite high sales, the jansport company has not stopped at the student market and remain focused on the outdoor industry.

In 1974. In the city Chico in California, Caribou climbing, I believe that there was another company camping equipment. One of the founders, Gary kirk, he attended classes at Chico state at the time, and it was hard to find a backpack that will hold all his books. Along with tailor Marcią Briggs has created a backpack, called cricket , which was created depending on the size of his leadership. It is also sold in bookstores, in school and in 1985. Kirk turned to the Director of the Corporation ” Bean, ned, I, who placed them in his catalog. In a short time it became the best selling product of the company was born and a school backpack.

Evolution camera on wheels
To understand the history of backpack on wheels, you should first look at the invention of Luggage on wheels , because it is only an offshoot of the product. Until the late eighties all the bags were oriented horizontally and were made of some nieporęcznego and inflexible material. Must be moved manually through the airports and the train station was not convenient for users. There were some models that contained four wheels on the bottom, and I checked back, with small panels, but were also inconvenient, as often toczyłyby on the heel users przechylały enough on the turns and obstacles.

In 1987, Bob Platt College, Northwest airline designed bags with a vertical orientation, a retractable handle and two wheels. It can be easily in the blood associated with the development of heavy airports and carry it on the plane. He called his invention of the Rollaboard and sold them to other pilots and stewardessom. Customers are frustrated not to hurry with the abolition of the Rollaboard, and in 1989. Constantly applied to the airline, where you can also buy.

Popular Rollaboard Plathowi slowly withdrawing from the North-West in 1991, when he moved to a warehouse with an area of 185,000 square meters, and began producing full time. The Board not only revolutionized the way people were carrying their Luggage on the invention of the Rollaboard, but also made a revolution in the configuration of the upper deck of the plane. Given the number of people using the new style Luggage on wheels, airline was forced to redesign the containers to store them flotach to transport them.

Backpacks and back pain
Back pain is not a problem for middle-aged people and the elderly. Because books are becoming harder and harder, and move your laptop or tablet at school becomes the norm, every year more and more students who are experiencing pain in the middle and lower part of the spine. It is clear even to schoolchildren aged eight years .

In 2013. It happened one day, about 22,000 injuries caused by heavy backpacks psychiatric hospitals, in doctors ‘ offices and hospitals, including fractures, dislocations, sprains and dislocations. Many of these injuries can cause pain in the back, which extends to adulthood.

Carrying heavy backpacks can often damage the soft tissue of the sequins, which can lead to damage of the microstructure of the nerves . This kind of injury can, in the end, to stop the movement of the hands and fingers. Heavy charges are unevenly distributed, and when the child wears the backpack on the shoulder, this will lead to the fact that muscles will kompensowały by tilting in the opposite direction. This causes tension and imbalance of the muscles on the side that does not bear the load that accelerates the development of back problems in adulthood, and can cause pain for a short period.

Even good stress can cause problems if they are too heavy. After the computer restarts, the backpack can distort the natural curves of the spine and cause round shoulders. Most of them pochyli too far forward when the heavy weight on his back, thus causing an imbalance and cushion the fall if he stumbled.