Best Reading Glasses 2017

If you will regularly pointed to the wine list, trying to order dessert or to squint to see the print on the book page on the screen of your phone or computer or in the list of ingredients on the back of meals, it may be time to accept the fact that you need reading glasses.

The technical name of the disease approach, the majority of people who need glasses for reading, this far-sightedness , but a more common term is hyperopia . People who are farsighted can see objects from a distance with relative clarity, but have problems focusing on what is within an arm’s reach or closer. In fact, however, bringing many people visionary is using the wrong definition, because a lot of people who are not able to see items placed close also suffers for poor vision. Fortunately, the objects at both near and far, you can easily set the focus for help surgery, contact lenses or just a thin pair (or two) points. (For comparison, in the opposite condition, in which you can clearly see objects up close, but has blurred vision at distance, called krótkowzrocznością or krótkowzrocznością.)

Reading glasses are usually, very inexpensive. Often they are rather badly treated, through their owners, are wrzucani in handbag or pocket when they are not on the face; hence the popularity of brands sunglasses sold in sets wielopaków. If you can join fairly niefrasobliwego the owner of reading glasses, buy a few cheap pairs at once and distribute them for free at home, office and car. You will find functions which you can get for less than four dollars per couple when booked are wholesale.

On the other hand, if you can trust to take care of your glasses, it may be wise to invest in more expensive, and often enough, more stylish pair. Look for features such as foldable frames that allow you to hide the glasses in the breast pocket or the magnetic front-end that lets you quickly and easily put on or take off.

Common cause degeneration of vision
In the age of the person, often his eyesight will gradually ubożał. Most often this is due to presbyopia , a typical disease, which is simply a result of aging eyes along with the rest of the body. While many vision problems is caused by weakening of muscles that focus the eye, presbyopia is the result of the diffuse lens of the eye. When one gets old and its lenses are becoming less and less flexible, the light passing through the lens less focused on the retina, and instead will often be referred for volleyball (which the format layer of the eye responsible for the actual perception of images of the World around us).

The word “presbyopia” is derived from the Greek words for “old” and “vision.” But indeed, this condition begins to afflict many people well before they are anywhere near to old age. Even people only in their 30s and 40s often experience a lack of clear vision brought on by hardening lenses.

Fortunately, the state is also one of the easiest to mitigate, basic reading glasses, usually, all that is required to compensate for the degeneration. It should be borne in mind that inexpensive reading glasses, cannot compensate for some diseases, such as astigmatism or seriously impaired vision. Most of them have a strength value in the range from 0.75 to 3.5 diopters , and each adjustment is required more than this will almost certainly require a visit to the ophthalmologist and recipes.

Even if you think that reading glasses off the shelf, may be enough for your needs in cases that are still good to visit a reputable optometrystę or ophthalmologist to check your eye health and vision checked, especially if you have recently I found myself in need of vision correction. (In rare cases loss of vision can be a symptom for specific problems that underlie it, and research can help to ensure that it is not so easy to sure that you get the right strength of the lenses, or is it the recipe or not).

Look at the history of reading glasses
When thinking about the glasses read historical, first person that comes to mind is likely to be Benjamin Franklin . Many photos depicts the famous founding father lying on the book or paper valuable looking through his iconic round glasses. Indeed, Franklin is not just wearing sunglasses, but even improved their design someday inventor tinkering , Franklin is considered the inventor of dwuogniskowej lenses or glasses that can be worn to increase the distance, as the close-up view.

But at the time when Franklin is perhaps the most famous gentleman who worked on the improvement of reading glasses, was far from the first person that developed this technology. In fact, we have irrefutable evidence that people wore sunglasses to help them to get closer to the middle of 1300 years, as evidenced by letters, and the graphics are crisp wearing glasses. The use of convex lenses to aid in visual brightness, most likely, ahead of even these medieval references to a few centuries; the lens mentioned in the work called the Book of Optics, written during the early medieval Muslim scholar Ibn al-Haythama in or around the year 1021.

While early details are blurred, until the 15th century, glasses were widely accepted in Europe, in India and also throughout the Empire, Chinese as well. In 1800 the glasses were better than ever, but also appeared in many quarters as a sign of old age and / or weakness. All this fuss led to a short in the popularity of sunglasses and binoculars , both of which consisted of a pair of lenses is in the eye of the pen if necessary, but not worn on the face.

In the twenties of the XX century, sunglasses were seen not only as commodities but as fashion accessories. Soon many of the most famous names in the industry of fashion design, including Armani, Ralph Lauren and Burberry, it is important sunglasses, often called sunglasses, in the modern era – as one of the best products sold.