Best Rc Trucks 2017

When most people think of RC vehicles as cars or trucks, or some other machine of the land, often cause images of children mindlessly seal toy trucks on the walls, in the absence of the unfortunate to control them.

Trucks, of which we here speak, they are completely different, although our list is a pair designed as a bridge between the world of RC toys, and adults RC.

Those cracks are usually electric, taking the radio with your portable devices for managing and translating it into the motion of the electric motor that shakes the wheel. There are very complex models of electrical (some significantly beyond the high-end ), which reach incredible speeds and require minimum maintenance.

Other models use small internal combustion engines more similar to what can be found in the car, just a very reduced and operating on a completely different fuel mixture, which is more reminiscent of a mixture of an advanced device. These models will usually work on the main throttle, which the opposite effect will apply type of failure of the engine because it reduces the mixture passed through the carburetor.

Regardless of what method of travel you use, these trucks become more expensive when you add more features such as improved shock absorbers and more powerful chassis that will increase the endurance of the truck over rough terrain.

And don’t be shocked if you get a workout just lifting the truck and dragging her from place to place. Given the size of some of these engines, and the quality of the materials used to manufacture them, many of these machines reaches about 16 pounds. weight.

The carriage to the ends of the earth
Truck RC default solid figure. I want to compare them with the characters from the American old West for their perseverance, strength and specific vision, but even there something is not right. Something not to give trucks.

Maybe so that there is a greater variety of applications for this RC trucks than you can get from the lone cowboy. Was able to shoot a gun and ride a horse, and that was about it. These trucks are much more specialized.

Depending on the type of the running truck, you want to target specific features that some models have dominion over others. For example, if Your speed is speed, and racing RC are an active part of your life, you want to get into the fast thing . If you are more in the way in a hard, impersonal site, at altitude, desert or forested landscape, it’s a truck with more torque and greater flexibility in the chassis will be most suitable for you, without any thoughts about the maximum speed.

No matter what your preferences, regardless of whether it is speed, strength, and maybe even replicating other classic trucks, there is one variable that will lead You towards the perfect selection: maintenance.

You like to keep the truck RC, moving, or maintenance of your truck until you can get her back on track. Between them is very small.

To put it bluntly, electric motors require less maintenance. Of course, the truck with an electric motor will still have the same variety of moving parts and potential issues in each area other than the engine, but the service motor is simply cleaner and less time consuming. Full trucks require greater knowledge and processing of precision parts and, inevitably, more of a mess.

Some people enjoy this mess. You can’t be one of them. If Yes, then immerse yourself in the fastest or the strongest, the most difficult machine you can find. Otherwise, keep it electric.

Freed from the machines
While Lionel and other companies produced remote controlled slot machines already in 1910, wireless RC car did not hit the market in 1966. It then Elettronica Giocattoli, an Italian company located between Bologna and Parma, has produced electric Scale 1:12 scale Ferrari 250LM. It has hit the UK in December this year, and the popularity of this and the next model, the Ferrari P4 1:10, spread mainly in Europe in 1968.

American companies have joined this trend, and in the early 70-ies. started the production of its own small RC cars. In true American style, these machines have abandoned the use of the electric motor in favor of a reducible nitro engine .21 cc.

For several years all over the country there was a race hobbystki and groups of enthusiasts, and born of madness, which is still spreading throughout the country. Manufacturers, in response to the specialized intelligence of certain demographic groups, has doubled efforts to improve the accuracy and quality of their stores, offering variety and adaptation as never before, as well as the full scale introduction of therapy, on average, advanced, and professional models that will help You start and maintain the truck.