Best Rain Shower Heads 2017

There’s only one thing I can remember in which I actually took a shower in the rain . I was on tour with my scout troop when I was about 11 years old, and when the heavens open up, many of us rozebrało to our birthday suits, chwyciliśmy our cubes soap and we found a small clearing in the forest, where most of the rain went.

I can confidently say that this experience was not so relaxing, can supply these shower heads. In the wild, moreover, it is about the thrill of running through the woods naked in ulewnej shower. Also a lot of mud for fun, so even if the first three parts of your body squeaky, still dirty from the knees down.

What they are doing showers in our list, instead of pumping blood, and your feet dirty, to distribute the flow of water in the shower for more space, a slow, stable flow under pressure. Instead send all flow on a more limited number of holes, with the clear intention of increasing the water pressure , these heads rely on the comfort of the soul in relation to most other factors.

In spite of this, a lot of heads in our list, has adjustable elements such as air intakes for high pressure or surge the number of holes used in each head. All are set with extraordinary ease, as they use the already installed water pipelines. Some require little manipulation from the line outside, but all of them can be set with the help of home tools and no knowledge of hydraulics.

Hanging under pressure
Considering how important a shower, how much time we spend in it and how much we rely on experience to start the day off on the right foot, I feel that most of my peers are happy from use each shower head, which they found hanging there when he went to their houses and apartments.

It is a pity that we are not proud of what our devices. Perhaps it has to do with how few people see the interior of our soul, what priority we are a million other little status symbols around the house, for example, a good pair of headphones, showers.

I would like to propose that we start a little revolution here. All zgodzmy to put the status on the reverse side and focus instead on the growth of self-help. For this you need to choose one of these top showers, I say we do it with a focus on samoopiekę.

While each of the goals in this list is the ease of setup, there are some that are definitely easier than others. If easy installation is at the top of the list of criteria, look for head of rain, which looks like any old hose system, and heads that you see everywhere. In one of these systems, you can literally remove the hose from the hose water and replace it with the new hose. All hoses are designed with clips on the head, so after installing the hose, the head hanging on it.

The problem with the rainy heads of this type, however, is that spray on you at an angle, which, if not particularly windy, not exactly the rain. For this experience you need to invest in the head, which hangs directly above you, when you become clean. These chapters tend to have more robust lights designed to be linked with the same connector, and snakes, but if the connector that you have in the wall is not particularly strong, you may need additional props to hang the head.

Taking into account the installation you can choose one of the remaining goals in our list based on function. Some of these systems heads are characterized by great complexity, so you can set up a shower like never before. Other quite simple and absolutely hospitals with fixed position, so you should ask yourself the question, how much control over the water pressure , direction and other variables.

Brought nature
For the longest time the people they erased one of two ways. Or fell into the water, like a lake or a river or stood in rain and waterfalls. At some point protection from the rain began to hit the zipper , so the popularity of this method is weakened.

In the end, when we began to regularly knock in wells, swimming in the heated open water was a viable option. Only in 1767. The first mechanical shower cleansed the human body. It is operated manually, which meant that either the person who was taking a shower, or other person operating the hand pump is probably starting to sweat, which required another shower.

In 1850. Improvements in sanitation internal enabled the first extension natryskom work with a constant, independent stream of clean water. The French army quickly used what was quick and economical method of cleaning with the help of soldiers, and, as with many military technologies, quickly gained popularity in the private sector.