Best Prepaid Phones 2017

Apparently, young people who make up the generation of the new Millennium, more afraid to commit than those that have been before them for a career, to buy a house, even significantly different. Articles that support this concept are appearing almost every day on the Internet. Almost happy zaakceptowałbym theory “milenialsów who do not want to associate himself, if not one proof against that is very hard to ignore: their full involvement in your smartphone – or rather, the smartphone with a contract.

It is true that most of the available phone models payment is not so technologically advanced or equipped with the same bells and whistles as a new smartphone contract, but it does not explain adequately the great differences in the popularity of both these styles. Model offers many personal benefits that may be of interest to many phone users, both young and old.

The main advantage of the phone prepaid is freedom . It all comes down to the plan: while the mobile prepaid provide basic services to ordinary mobile phones are not covered by long-term requirements of the contract and payment for the excess, which carry the State for the excess monthly minutes in the plan. Depending on how often you use your phone, it can save a lot of money because you only pay for the minutes you use. It also means that you can change operator or phone at any time, without incurring penalties.

Unlike phones on contract, shall not pass a credit check to buy one of them. Also there is no age limit , making personal phone is an attractive option for parents who want to buy a child or teenager on the phone and maintain control over the minutes, texts and data wear .

Remember that the total price you will pay for the phone, prepaid is probably less than in the case of the new smartphone, but the rate per minute is probably higher. A variety of models available and the range of possibilities associated with them is also significantly reduced compared to contract phones. Because of this, the most suitable prepaid phone for casual cell phone users, those that do not require constant communication and emergency situations.

The search for a suitable telephone connection
Currently, most of the major telephone operators offers pre-paid plans. However, not all phone models are compatible with all plans, which means you may require mixing and matching before you decide the solution that is right for You. Some of them are the real plans of the type “pay-as-you-go” , while others allow the registration of monthly payments that you can cancel at any time.

A quick self-assessment before you buy phone prepaid will facilitate the decision-making process and reduce stress. First, ask yourself what you need . Do I have to play music to stream my media and use the app? Do you need a camera? Maybe for now just a regular phone that allows calls and send SMS messages?

You also need to consider additional fees associated with your plan. If you want to download and use apps, stream music, access e-mail, browse web pages, and even send text messages, you have to pay in advance for the transfer of messages or the transmission of data that contains these components. Make sure you check all aspects of the plan with a comb with small teeth, because some of them may contain unexpected charges for access or charge for downloading games and ring tones, which seemed to You for free.

After you determine what functions you need and what types of plans are most suited to You, make comparisons between different operators of the Internet. Each carrier has its strengths and weaknesses; pay special attention to the cost of service, size of network, quality of communication, and offer additional features such as unlimited text messaging or unlimited minutes during the day and weekends).

When you start to use the phone with prepaid, need to know the details of his plan to see how many minutes and how much data you’ve used – especially when switching from a contract with unlimited data . If you used to use all features of your phone, when you want dangerous it’s easy to quickly go overboard. Possible consequences – such as sudden loss of connectivity during an important call or be stuck in an emergency situation – not nice.

A brief history of prepaid phone
Until the early 90-ies. mobile phones based on the contracts was Your only option. At this time there are several companies that provide telephone services such as Cellular and Houston Cellular Banana. Other American companies have joined this struggle for decades, while a Portuguese company called TMN was the first European operator offering prepaid service in 1995.

Persons who have not had a loan and minors under 18 years of age, was particularly vulnerable to these proposals because still often they were denied contracts. Because the concept gained momentum in the late 90-ies., carriers in countries around the world have begun to use such systems. This trend continued during the first decade of this century that the culmination was the introduction of the Blackberry as their first smartphone with a prepaid plan in 2009.

Today, developed economies around the world prefer subscription contracts, while the method of payment is more popular in less developed countries . For example, more than two thirds of mobile users in North America, subject to the terms of the contract, while about one in five users in Latin America, belongs to this category. In some countries, the prepaid model is simply more accessible, especially for people who do not have the means to pay for an expensive phone or the necessary documentation for conclusion of the contract.

Because modern technology continues to evolve at an exponential pace, we can reasonably expect that prepaid mobile phones will act accordingly. Within a few years, who knows, you may be able to get a personal model with a simple plan that has the same functions as the latest version of this smartphone, which paid the nose last week.