Best Portable Projectors 2017

The reflection of the painting have been with us because the living beings had eyes. Quite a bit of water and a little light, but you have enough additional mirror to lure young Narcissus to a watery grave.

The mirror itself a bit later, although his presence in folklore and fairy tales says about our honor for the apparent magic. This is the magic that the projector uses to send the images that you like to watch.

When you go to the movies and sit under the beam professional projector theater, shall reflect not less than two million mirrors. These mirrors, of course, small, but there is a task: power on and off with it systems colors and burp a powerful light source through the lens and onto the screen.

Portable projectors work on the same principles, except that their mirror may not be so finely crushed, nor their lenses are so well refined as the professional machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

There is also a limit of resolution. More mirrors, it will provide you with higher resolution, about half of the mirror is required as pixels in the original image. If you need 4K images, you need about 2 073 600 mirrors , which is difficult to fit in a portable projector. This is one of the reasons why most of the portable projectors are limited to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or less.

Image quality is only worth 1000 words
If we were talking here about multimedia projectors, we could think about zniuansowanymi the differences between the laser projection and the traditional projection DLP or LCD, but let’s just say the laser is technically better, but not at those prices, where DLP and LCD, are Champions.

We could also get to the entire world functions, such as zoom, the life of the bulb, the color of the rest, easy installation, etc., But there is only one true function that you need to take into account before all others when considering portable projector: portability.

It seems silly to say it, but a third of the projectors on our list is to encourage you to przechytrzenia with the idea that these model-specific and portable. They are certainly advertised as such, but compared to some projectors Hippo in the world, they are much more portable.

Still a portable projector as well as far you can take it. This means that the smaller the body and the longer the operating time from the battery, the better.

This, like most things technological, has its reservations. Absolutely the smallest projectors on our list have the best picture quality. Our best projectors, but a little bit bigger than most portable of all. Best image quality will come from projectors on our list that use the term “portable” with a strong sense of poetry.

If this is Your only projector, it is necessary only that it was quite portable to take the city without the need to remove part of the ceiling, you can better maintain the device with great resolution and a great body. If you are trying to view training videos on the walls of caves in Altamira, as some anachroniczni teacher of sociology, more portable, can be the best.

Projection from the distant past
History of the projector-this is the story of the movie. This is the story, rich buttery smell of fresh popcorn, the silence ciemniejącego theater and uncover the secrets of hidden worlds to hungry, curious minds.

You can if you so wish, to reach the pinhole camera from the 5th century BC, its true origins, in the writings of the Chinese philosopher Mozi. Aristotle wrote about it a hundred years later, Leonardo Da Vinci had published what may be the most revealing the essence of his description in 1502.

Essentially a pinhole camera is a big box, and even a room with a small hole. The light passes through the hole and into the reflecting surface of the reflecting part of the scene outside the room on the surface inside. While the dimensions of the projection has changed, still sending light through the small space, Bouncing off the mirrors and rzutując them to the surface.

The projectors on our list, but first of all, projectors movie. And movie projectors work with a certain frame rate, which satisfies the expectations of the human visual system in the field of natural movement, while essentially shows the sequence of still images. One of the reasons why old films, silent look strange, is that they use a higher fps, which makes everything seem too fast to be natural.

Old projectors in the era of the moving photographic image was manually run, so the frame rate was inconsistent. Over time the industry skalibrowała everything to work with the same frame rate, and had the standard 24 frames per second these and all other projectors.