Best Portable Printers 2017

Some forms of print are necessary to almost every company runs efficiently. In today’s rapidly developing business world often need to be mobile but still be able to perform all the functions as satisfactory, the stationary office. Maybe you need to print receipts or messages when you are on a business trip outside the city, or may simply not work in the same place every day.

The most common types of printers are printers, laser and inkjet printers . The average laser printer produces standard black and white documents such as contract and written reports of the tests. Many machines Xerox uses print laser. Inkjet printers can perform the same functions as laser printers with the added advantage of printing pełnokolorowych photos and compatibility with photo paper.

While the modern business world is rapidly moving towards electronic documents and email messages and exchange files to send them to the classroom, many companies still need hard copies for their files. The company involved in the design and photography are in need of high quality printers that accurately reflect the beauty of their work.

Some try to say that the printers be deprecated, but still needed in many areas of life and business. When you want to add a signature to a document even if the document is sent by email, it must first be printed and signed before it will be scanned in a separate electronic document and sent back to the sender.

Many portable printers that you meet, it is inkjet printers and designed to perform several different functions that help to maintain the smooth operation of Your business. They can be easily moved from one place to another, they take up very little space and often have a Bluetooth function, so you can work from anywhere.

Print in motion
If you have a laptop, then you already know why it’s great to be able to move from one place to another and still be able to do their job. You can go from room to room, from office to cafe or from one country to another, taking with them all of the necessary files and contact information in one compact unit.

The same rule applies to investing in a portable printer . Fits portable printer connects to a laptop or mobile device and will allow You to print documents, photos and reports with a presentation from anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip and you forgot to take informational materials for presentations? No problem! Simply use your mobile printer.

Besides the obvious benefits associated with the move, a portable printer will help You to keep order . Regardless of the technologies available to us today, many people still prefer to hold paper in my hands, to view the documents. A portable printer will allow you to do it in a hotel room, and even in the waiting room at the airport. In addition, many portable printers also performs the role of scanners, so you can save all received written information directly on the laptop and in the cloud. Gone are the days of losing important documents while traveling.

A portable printer allows you to keep a more flexible schedule . If Your office is mobile, you do not need to be tied to a desktop to perform certain actions. You can schedule appointments from a distance, you can get at a local cafe or you can stay home with their sick child and still are productive. Because you have your office with you where ever you go, you’re always ready for the next big event.

A brief history of portable printer
The first computer printer was invented in the 19th century Charles Babbage . Babbage was a mathematician, who also invented the computer to help in the calculation equations. Used metal rods with pictures of symbols and paper for members to print. Even printers used a system similar to machine – pressing the symbols on the paper.

In 1984, HP introduced the first public available color laser printer . These printers are ultimately eliminated the need to use archaic systems of membership, and by 1990. Many office supplies for office, appeared on personal computers and office space, a printout with a laser printer.

This has greatly improved the production of agreements, brochures, flyers and other important documents, as well as led to better organization of files in offices. Improved functioning of home offices in which families could better keep track of their books and finances, with the help of computer programs and printing.

At the turn of the 21st century, printers become common household items and stationery, and was sold for less than $ 100 in many offices and Department stores. Currently, inkjet printers are most commonly used for printing photos and works of art created in electronic form. Although portable inkjet printers may not be absolutely necessary in all business situations have become particularly popular among designers and companies that are still based on paper documents to the appropriate archiving.