Best Portable Dvd Players 2017

You may think that portable DVD players are almost obsolete thanks to the invention of user-friendly technology of streaming and smartphones. However, the demand for portable DVD players is still very much alive. A lot of people, especially families with small children still need entertainment, which can provide only a portable DVD player.

Imagine that you’re in the trip with the caravan far away from any useful mobile services. The children collected all the stones and sticks in the General area, terrorized the local wildlife and spożywały most snacks. The night it starts raining, but this is not the time to go to bed. They complain about show.

It is here that you receive the portable DVD player. We hope that you have a forecast in order to charge it up before leaving the house, and the children will have an hour or two of entertainment before bed, while you have an hour or two, ease and comfort.

Portable DVD players have many different features that make viewing media becomes enjoyable and convenient . Some thin and easy to move thanks to rotating screens that allow them to lay flat like a normal tablet. You can buy sets that zamontują DVD player in car seats, so Your kids could play while traveling.

Most of them have ports for the headphone, so that the media can be played in private. Ports, car USB and SD allow easy download of MP3 files and other multimedia files so that you can always use. You can choose from DVD players with controllers games for extra entertainment and wi-fi connection to enjoy streaming anywhere you have an Internet connection. Some even combine with a TV and a remote.

Regardless of how and where you intend to use with a portable DVD player, of course, you will find all the features necessary to make full use of movies, music and games.

Not a knock on the door until, until he will try
You can continue to be skeptical of buying a portable DVD player when there are so many other intelligent technologies. It would be a mistake, because there are a number of advantages of choosing a portable DVD player on a laptop or tablet.

First, a portable DVD player is more compact than a regular laptop or notebook and can be easily transported. While it’s true, you can play DVDs on most notebooks, portable DVD player takes up less space and still storing a lot of useful materials.

Second, portable DVD player, more convenient for children. You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t do surfing in Internet and not find controversial content while preserving the boundaries of the limited screen time .

Thirdly, great for frequent travelers. Regardless of whether you need a way of entertainment for children during long trips, if you want something to watch on a trip by plane, one of these DVD players would be easy to take along and will be on the move.

Fourth, a portable DVD player cheaper than buying a laptop or tablet , and for its use and the use of multimedia does not require a WiFi connection or data subscription. Just you upload your media files or take your DVD and you have all your movies, music and games at your fingertips.

Finally, portable DVD players do not consume so much power that the tablet or laptop. Some of them even have comparable battery life, so you can enjoy movies and music as long as with other devices.

So do not waste your nose at the thought of buying a portable DVD player as long as you treated all the possible advantages. It provides more convenience and fun without the extra cost and risk to travel with an expensive laptop, or tablet.

A brief history of portable DVD player
The first DVD was created by Sony in conjunction with Pacific Digital Company in Taiwan in 1994. Unfortunately, the first DVD player was released in 1996 in Japan. Only in 1997 began to distribute them for sale in the United States. Three years later, in 2000, DVD players were a common household item and sold for less than $ 100 in most stores.

Panasonic released the first portable DVD player in 1998 . Released two different models with different screen sizes so that their clients could enjoy your DVD anytime, anywhere. They were built with the same features and functions as the usual DVD players and expanded the horizons of entertainment.

Even the earliest portable DVD players able to play music and have a headphone attachment for viewing and listening. Could also act as a digital framework for transferring and viewing digital photos and slideshows.

Today’s portable DVD players have many attractive features such as HD displays and the possibility of Blu-ray. Still being sold along with the regular DVD player and sometimes prefer parents of young children on tablets or laptops.