Best Pop Up Tents 2017

Tent pop up-this style of tent is primarily used for camping and recreation. There are various shapes and sizes, but the majority of consumers, as expected, is lightweight, easy to use, compact tent. Exclude the installation process or break the tent; the tent ” pop up spring, so that it can be assembled in a few seconds. Days of hammering stakes into the ground and storage supports, are already to the past. This feature in itself makes it an attractive option for kamerowicz√≥w no extra cost.

Before you buy a tent, pop-up or other tent, take into account this important factor: the manufacturer accurately shows the number of people that can fit in the tent. If the manufacturer details that the tent is suitable for four people; they found that each person has an average height, without equipment and beds for sleeping. Most motorhomes just buy four-seater tent for two campers and a tent for a car camping, just because of this. Also, consider the material used in the tent. Most of the tents consists of nylon, canvas or polyester. Tourists will want to make sure that regardless of the material will remain dry in the tent to persistent rain.

If you are interested in a tent pop-up, make sure the retailer explained that it’s actually the tent is pop, not pop-up . The canopy is something that is more common in the bazaars, resembling a gazebo with open sides. Although they have their own scope, are not suitable for camping.

Pop Up Tents are the Pros and cons
The benefits of pop up tents are numerous. The most obvious is that just “POPs up” while cooking tent was reduced to just a few seconds. How is that possible? Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, most of the models is strongly thickened, (the thought of a snake winylowym in a crispy nut may be a joke ). After release of the tension springs provide a natural expansion of the frame is an impressive figure. Cover peanut brittle, as in my analogy, will be replaced by a bracelet or strap that keeps the compact shape of the tent.

Another advantage is that the tent ” pop up is easy. Most pop-UPS weighs several kilograms, and it’s perfect for backpacks, which makes them ideal for the traveler who can’t raise a tent on the back. Most of them were designed to fit backpacks, while many others simply has its own compact bag that fits comfortably on the shoulder.

Also section the price is attractive; most of them are quite affordable and have less investment than the tent difficult to assemble.

There are a few problems that I should be doing. The dismantling of the tents can be deceiving. Although it may take a few seconds to return to life, restore it to its compact form it may force you to fight with a tent as the crocodile hunter. There is a learning curve, and most of the rest with patience will be able to disassemble much faster after several attempts.

Most of the rest, rightfully, afraid of the stability of the tent pop. High winds are the biggest enemy. These lines guy , if there is, they do not provide the same stability, the dome tent, and they are likely to subside.

Finally, the tent pop up rarely spacious. Models that share two people usually point to one person with a stock or a cot. If you decide to meet the recommended number of motorhomes in the tent, due to the lack of space private.

A short history of the tent
The tent is the Foundation of life. The Bible refers to food, water and shelter until Genesis. The use of tents are different: housing, military operations, kampingi and protest movements. They include from one person to several thousand, that is a circus tent. Also used in emergency situations such as natural disasters.

The materials used in tents are over time. Skins was once (and in some cases still a viable option for tents, but the most sensitive of motorhomes decides lungs of a mixture of nylon and polyester. Supports maintenance therapy tent was made of wood, and 60. XX century, when there were steel poles and changed the composition of the tents.

Already in the seventies appeared on the market the first models of portable tents plecakowych, the ancestors of modern tents pop up.

Camping tenting dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. The occurrence and preservation of national parks in America helped to encourage tourists to visit, along with promises of the gold rushes on the West that followed settlers for the base of temporary, mobile homes.

Remember that a tent is a shelter that is necessary for life . When you choose a tent, consider the durability, cost and performance.