Best Pool Chlorine Tablets 2017

Chlorine is the main part of disinfection from 1900, when the water company began to consider drinking water for sanitary purposes. In 20-ies. Twentieth century pools operators learned about the benefits of adding chlorine in the water swimmers to disinfect and maintain cleanliness.

The addition of chlorine into the water – regardless of whether it’s a pill or a powder, creates a weak acid called acid podchlorynowy, which is very effective in killing water-borne bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. This is especially important if you are logging in public pools because you can’t control that other swimmers are admitted, and can not know which bacteria bring.

Simply put, podchloryny are neutrally charged acids, which means that they may come in contact with bacteria with negatively charged cargo and disassemble them. Inside bacteria, the hypochlorite begins to decompose proteins and damages the bacteria. It is important to know that chlorine does not work immediately , so follow the instructions of the waiting period on the pill. It is also important to know what the chlorine level is changing too fast, especially when used frequently in the pool or the rain in the summer, so you need every day to check the levels.

Why chlorine can’t work independently
When you buy a pool, chances are you think about cooling in the summer and leave events, but does not take into account work that aims to support this major resource of water. All right – most of the new owners of swimming pools does not know much about pool maintenance , but it is important not to damage the lining of the pool that will help keep the safety and health of other swimmers. In this place there is chlorine.

Before adding any chlorine to the Bank, you need to check the pH levels to make sure that they are correct. Tempting just threw chlorine tablets for the pool and leave, but if the pH is off, chlorine will not work at full capacity and will not kill all bacteria and germs. If Your pH in the system the chlorine off, have you noticed that the pool water is irritating to eyes and skin. You will also see corrosion on the bars and other parts of the basin.

Fortunately, there are convenient kits that check the pH, so you can make sure that the pool water is too acidic or too low. Safe pH level for a pool is between 7.0 to 7.6 . Again, these numbers will appear on the instructions of each purchased kit to test pH. Achieving results in these figures can cause your chlorine dissolves too quickly, or never.

The most popular methods of adding chlorine to your pool
If you are even a handful of pools, I noticed that some of them have small baskets, some are small capsules that look like UFOs, and some of them have a device in the form of a stick, which resembles an inhaler. These are the three main device through which pool owners carrying chlorine, but you can add chlorine tablets to any of them.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each device. Small basket is called a floating chlorine dispenser or a float . The experts from the pools will tell you that this is the least desirable device because the small holes in the basket can easily get stuck in the corners of the pool and stay there for several days, causing the accumulation of chlorine in one place and the lack of chlorine in the Rest of the pool. A small object resembling a UFO called skimmers chlorowym . The experts from the pool and appreciate it as the second best way to add chlorine to the pool because he can’t get stuck in certain areas. Water moves fast, after tablets chlorowych in skimmerach, splits evenly and scattering of chlorine.

The most reliable and least problematic tool to add chlorine for the pool, automatic chlorination . Chlorinatory allow you to add a few pills chlorowych at once and then perform the transfer operation, the calculated amounts of chlorine for your pool, then when requires your water, so no need to think about it. The use of automatic chlorination, however, does not mean that you do not need to regularly check out these valuable provide a significant amount of enthusiasts who can participate in back flipach, halls and other foreign akrobacjach, and simultaneously use pogo high power to run 6-10 feet above the ground.