Best Patio Umbrellas 2017

Even for those with a darker complexion, where the skin is much more susceptible to the powerful UV rays of our great solar bodies in the sky, it’s almost impossible not to melt in the open air on a hot, Sunny day.

In most I’m Italian, so the sun, as if it were my only case. Even when I burn (which is rare), red turns to a deep, rich tan for about 48 hours. But when it’s too hot, too hot. So what to do if they are even more sensitive to sunlight than I am? Sunblock can help you to avoid getting burned, but I will not stop you melting.

There appears umbrella, and the umbrella with its raised surface and stable mechanisms uziemiającymi that protect you before departure into a human puddle.

This is not so that the shadow created the umbrella makes that the air underneath is cooler. If you measure the air temperature in the shade and in the sun, will be about the same. For man, and not for the thermometer, direct sun light improves the perception of heat by 10-15 degrees. Think about how from the cold wind. In the shade of the umbrella you feel like the air really.

Day 85 sitting in the sunlight, feeling like he was suffering in the 100-th heat wave. In the shade the temperature should be 85, if not a degree or two of cooling. This is especially true for brick terraces. The bricks absorb heat from the sun and radiate them back to you, piecząc you like thin pizza from the brick in new YORK. The capture of the bricks under the cover of the umbrella will help to further reduce temperature rise.

Lifestyle In The Station
It is not necessary to look too deeply into his soul, to choose the right umbrella, but that doesn’t mean you have to make a decision. In the end, it’s your summer comfort , we’re talking about, not to mention the appearance of a carefully chosen space in the fresh air.

The first part of Your solution can be practical, regardless of whether the umbrella would look good in this space, that is large enough or too large, for example, or choose a more sophisticated umbrella on the boom to a more traditional pattern. This part of your decision will come from the outside, not Vice versa.

Later, however, your aesthetics takes over, and style becomes the most important factor from the available umbrellas. One of the special qualities that offer some of these umbrellas, the built-in ambient lighting system. Or charged simple battery, charge by solar , or electricity are held for umbrella, these lights line the bottom of the ribs of the umbrella and cast a beneficial glow on all who sit under them.

You will see the price increase for each good garden umbrella with the increasing strength of skeletal materials and a canopy that is resistant to weather conditions. If you choose a cheaper solution, your Cup may fade in the sun and easier to tear for many years. It is also likely that the ribs, the stretchers and the materials of the shaft will break easier if the umbrella is released into the wind or even fell face down, with support. It is better to invest in materials that will survive.

Made in China?
Don’t want to say that the umbrellas from our list of widely available abroad. In fact it is not. The first folding umbrella, however, was noted in China, back after 21 years ne. Were equipped with a carriage which will protect both driver and riders from the sun in what I consider to be very heavy, Royal clothes.

There is evidence suggesting the use of umbrellas in front of this Chinese example elsewhere in the country, but it’s hard to know for sure that these umbrellas were folding. These records date from the VI century BC, so the idea of the umbrella has been with us for at least 2,600 years, folding or not.

The image of the Egyptian umbrellas date back to almost 3000 years, but it was much more light devices which are used only for protection from the sun and could not withstand the environmental conditions in which the Chinese developed their umbrellas.

That the Egyptians made the most for the umbrella, superstitious danger, especially if you open them at home. It was thought at the time for insulting the Egyptian God of the Sun and will bring misfortune to anyone who would be stupid enough to do it.

Who first came up with interesting European period of nearly 1,000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire, during which a wealthy family threw the umbrella as a symbol of status and protection from the sun. Only in the Renaissance, the umbrella was back in fashion in Europe, where they evolved in the total umbrellas and parasols pots that we use today.