Best Paper Cutters 2017

You probably know the name Jon Stewart as belonging to the former owner of The Daily Show, półgodzinnego satire news program, from Comedy Central. However, you may not know about Ian Stewarcie that kosmitem. At least played one in a terrible movie from the 90-ies. called the Faculty. Imagine invasion of the body Snatchers film in which parasitic aliens attacking a genre assumes control over the bodies and minds of human media, but the invasion starts from the faculty of the local high school.

In a key scene, as the character of Stuart is a stranger, a young Josh Hartnett somehow he manages to pull the arm of the adjacent cutter vinyl paper smooth, without effort, movement and use ostrzonego stick as a weapon against funniei Stewartowi . To the level of absurdity is thick, but the ease with which Harnett tears shoulder off of the guillotine has always remained with me.

For a reminder, most of the fonts in our list are resilient enough to withstand such wet shoulders of Josh Hartnetta , but theoretically, their blades are strong enough to fight aliens, if the need arises. Fortunately, at the moment we can restrict our study to devices act of cutting paper.

If you have the skills to use scissors, you know how it is trying to cut the line and end up feeling like Jack the Ripper. Carry the paper with scissors. I should not have the right to their possession. On the other hand, scissors for paper, I can operate with ease and precision.

This is because the trimmer for paper make it easy to keep strong pages on edge installed perpendicular to the knife. Have the measurements in inches and centimeters printed on their surface and in layers, so you can accurately reproduce cutting when working through as many pages as you need.

Even in poor condition the use of this combination of precise measurements and sharp, durable cutting edges provides a simple, uniform cutting of thick paper, heap pages and other materials.

Cut through the Hoopla
Don’t be fooled podobieństwom in body design; just because a lot of these knives looks the same, it doesn’t mean they work the same way. Of course, they all overlap the paper along the straight lines with precision and durability, but for these facts the differences are different.

Take, for example, the weight of a paper knife. Lighter, scissors for paper, will not sit so probably on the table or countertop, which means you need to provide more attention to the cutter to withstand the pressure, which take the paper from his hand cutting. If guillotine paper too light or poorly balanced, the whole unit can be displaced, whereby the foot section.

Because of this, you should look for fonts that are so heavy, how will allow you your budget. Can block Your mobility, if you’re an itinerant artist paper , but you’ll be thankful for it’s accuracy compared to lighter models.

Another important factor to consider is the amount that can handle each piece of paper. Some knives for paper can cope with hundreds of pages at a time, while other should not put on no more than a half-dozen sheets. If you kill a large amount of paper and need quality for download, you have to spend a bit more on the boat more performance.

Finally, your goal is to consider. More complex from the point of view of mathematics of the section require a more visually polished cut surfaces, and a few plasma welding in our list looks worthy of the fields Medal , where others not yet mastered their multiplication signs.

After determining the complexity of the necessary reductions, the number of pages that need to be cut, and the required mobility of the cutters, you will be able to narrow it down to one or two versions of star.

Blade with mount
Today’s paper cutting machine was the first iteration which was made by French inventor Guillaume Massiquot in the thirties of the XIX century. He patented the machine in 1844, with the updated patent in 1852, and the improvements continued during the year.

Not unfair to say that the true predecessor of the letter opener was a guillotine , it’s beautiful and the specific device used to remove human heads. Invented in the XVI century, a few very smart and cruel as the Europeans (it was a joint Franco-German), guillotine very accurately nacięła the neck of the people instead of the remnants of the paper.

Scary to think about such a barbaric tool which is actively used in our time, but the last gilotynowanie in France took place in 1939. When the French government lost a man in prison for six murders.

Using this technology to improve the performance of paper cutting and not to cut people of the industry from Newspapers to publishing houses found a simple and effective way to overcome the top sides in less time than ever before.