Best Outdoor Access Points 2017

For most people who have a slow speed of Wi-Fi in their homes, the outdoor access point can be the answer to all their problems. If you have an outdated router, it is likely that you are having problems with slow connections because of the frequency with which are used to transmit Wi-Fi signal. Most routers transmits waves at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, and this is a very busy frequency.

Think about it: every house in your area probably connects to the Internet through a wireless router. Then think that, probably, each router uses the 2.4 GHz band. Many other devices are also used with the same frequency, for example, garage door openers, nanny, radio, manual, RC cars, cordless phones and many others. What is left is overloaded frequency, offering low-speed and low-speed data transmission.

Range 4.9 GHz does not have this problem. At this frequency there’s less traffic and the connection speed is much faster. Unlike a regular home router, all external access points use by default with a frequency of 4.9 GHz.

For faster speeds external access points have greater range than routers internal. People try different methods to increase range Wi-Fi at home, dilators purchase after buying two separate routers in the hope to get a strong Wi-Fi signal in every corner of the house. Unfortunately, these methods often are more headache than solution. Thanks to strategically placed directly under the outer access point, the whole house can be connected to niezatłoczonej, instant services through a range of 4.9 GHz.

Advantages of external access points for Your business
The business world offers its own unique challenges with the connection. Fortunately, the external access point is a solution for many of them.

A simple example of this is the need for the companies providing public Wi-Fi. People love to be in touch with your network. You can always count on the fact that consumers will remember which companies offer free Wi-Fi. The need for strong Wi-Fi signal does not end there. External access point also allows staff and partners to stay connected outside the office. As long as the range of the access point, they are covered. This can be a great advantage, especially for workers that depend on the data that work for Your property.

Another advantage of using external access points for Your business you can get after setting up a surveillance system. The connection of IP network cameras allows remote viewing when they connect through your Wi-Fi network. If the network is weak you may have problems with access to the surveillance system, and you may even experience a low quality of the recording. Strong signal, this means higher image quality and the ability to control cameras from any location.

Outdoor access points also offer the best connection with You and Your staff throughout the building. Believe it or not, the economic boom that needs ekspandować on different floors or offices, this is sometimes a problem. This is especially important when you talk about the relationship. Even some of the best internal routers have problems with consistency over many floors. Offices, which are hidden in the corner of a building, often prone to falling into relationships. This is unacceptable in the world of cloud computing . If you need many employees to access information in the cloud all day, these failures in combination means a decrease in performance. Outdoor access point can easily ensure that all the building will be connected to the computer .

Things to consider before you buy an external access point
Location is an important factor to consider before you buy an external access point. Where you going to install? In places with high insolation, such as presented roof, plastic chassis of some models can eventually weaken. In this case, you should consider a more rugged version of the case, for example, Metal. Will not be a problem if your external access point would be relatively unexposed, for example, on the shaded side of the building. Noise can be another factor. If you are in a busy office complex, the chances of interruption in the connection anymore because other devices on the same frequency may disrupt your signal.

Another factor is the amount of services you are looking for. If you just want to get the signal to average home if you want the signal provided for the entire building or company? Different signal power system will influence your purchase in this case.

How much experience do you have in computer technology? Perhaps you it is good to use. Some models may need the knowledge on how to configure the Internet service provider. Select more user-friendly access point, if it is not in Your repertoire.

Consider, also, what types of devices will be connected to an external access point. Some access points are optimized only for personal computers, while others are more optimized to support game consoles and mobile devices. Always choose an external access point, optimized for Your needs.