Best Open Back Headphones 2017

Understanding the difference between the exposed and open headphones will help you to determine what type fits your needs. To say it in the title would be an accurate description, because the structural difference between the two really is in the title. Closed headphones have a fully closed back or mugs. Headphones with open back, have rear side a lot of small holes or cracks: imagine the difference between a bowl of soup, and durszlakiem. A bowl of soup would be closed headphones, and a colander would be headphones with an open back.

Closed headphones are perfect for noise isolation . If you were sitting in the Park listening to music with a pair of closed headphones, not you would have heard the sounds of the environment around the birds ćwierkające, people talking, etc. a Standard pair of closed headphone produces approximately 10 dB with a noise canceling function . Just as there is no noise, closed headphones prevent leakage of liquid from the environment, such as music.

This insulating property makes closed headphones are ideal in certain situations. In a Studio where the sound engineer needs to hear every little nuance of the music needed closed headphones. Ideal for situations where you plan listening to music, but doesn’t want noise to leak out to disturb neighbors, as in the library or on the plane. Headphones with closed backs are also useful in applications that use a microphone as a headset for gaming. They help to prevent bleeding of the side information from the earphone into the microphone.

Headphones with open back has been designed to the noise environment, to pass freely through headphones. It changes the experience and gives the effect that music plays in the world around You. Consider the scenario of limitation of stay in the Park. If you were listening with open headphones instead of closed headphones, you would be able to hear the birds singing and people talking.

Although this may sound like a drawback at the beginning, in fact can be an advantage in many situations. For example, if you like to listen to music while riding on a skateboard or running, the ability to hear a car sound its horn can be saved. Some believe that the sensation of sound, as if to penetrate the space, makes it more enjoyable and allows you to feel less isolated from other people. The man who is resting on the beach and wants to hear the sound of the waves while listening to music at the same time, she could be better equipped with a pair of open headphones.

Considerations for choosing the perfect pair
When choosing the perfect pair of headphones can be difficult. Often becomes a juggling act of travel, comfort, sound and price. Understanding the intended application is a big step in choosing the right pair.

If you want to use the headphones while traveling, an important mobility . If they are too large, you end up not taking them or keeping them in a place that becomes too inconvenient to access them. Then, no matter how good they sound, you may end up rarely or never use them. If you travel frequently or you need a super-compact pair, consider headphones that zwiną.

Comfort is another important factor. If the couple is not comfortable to wear for longer than 20 or 30 minutes, this can be problematic if you intend to use them during long trips by train or plane. On the other hand, if you want to use them for a quick 20 minute walk or drive to work, the comfort can be not so important. Most often headphones that are lighter and those with thick piankowymi pillows nausznymi, it will be more convenient for extended usage.

You must also take into consideration quality of performance and warranty . The more durable design, the longer pair. Those who are planning to use earphones in more extreme conditions such as running and Cycling, will take a couple more solid than the one that was sitting on a chair and listened to the music. It never hurts to have a good warranty. The most high-end headphone covers annual or two-year warranty.

After taking into account all the above factors sound is the final factor that must be considered. It may seem counterintuitive that the sound is a major factor for headphones, but if all of the above factors are not taken into account in the first place, often end up on the headphones that are used rarely or burst after only a few months.

Description of frequency and resistance
Specification headphone can be hard to understand with their terms, such as frequency response and impedance . Understanding what these terms mean and how to read characteristics will help in selecting the best pair of headphones for Your needs.

Frequency response is simply the ability of headphones to reproduce the sound frequency. Often there frequency response is recorded as follows; 20 to 20,000 Hz. The first digit indicates the depth of the bass. The second number means the maximum frequency that the headphones can reproduce. The wider the range the better.

Resistance refers to the resistance to electric current passing through the headphones. In essence, this means how much energy you need to route the sound through the headphones at a certain volume. He is represented in ohms, and the higher the number, the more energy the device should play the sound in some głośnościach.

Those who want to listen to their headphones, MP3 players or computers, you should look for models with low resistance is 100 Ohms less. Those who buy very high quality earphone for use with a separate headphone amplifier, you can buy a pair with the resistance to 300 ohms.