Best Neti Pots 2017

Nasal irrigation was first mentioned in the sacred Hindu already in 1700 BC, when it was recognized their important and necessary part of daily hygiene. In yoga, using a Neti pot is part of one of the six daily practices of purification or Kriya. Yogini believe that maintaining the purity of the nose is especially important, as they combine a transparent breath with clear thinking.

In the West, the Neti pot beginning to worry, until the early seventies, when the first mass-produced model ceramic. Created by the founders of Yoga International, was designed to strengthen the popularity of yoga on a broad scale.

Despite this, the practice would not be popular for the next 30 years. It was the most important figure in the history of Western civilization – Omar – to submit a Neti pot a wide range of audiences, embracing her during her performances in 2007 and again in 2009. When the nasal lavage received the blessing of the Queen of TV during the day, his popularity exploded, and practice among the followers of football from me and members of the PTA, and not just hippies.

Dr. Oz also contributed to the use of the Neti pot and its use is beginning to gain a foothold in Western medicine.Although it may take some time before the Neti pot will find its way to our modern style of life, all signs point to something spinning.

How does the Neti Pots
The use of the Neti pot is quite simple: it is enough to warm up a little salt water, pour water into one nostril and let it bubble on the other. Requires a sense of habit, but when you will feel how clean and outlet can be your nasal noses, no way back (probably won’t go back when your partner will see that you are using it, so make sure the link is on a solid Foundation before revealing this aspect of everyday life).

But how it helps you? The main mechanism may be obvious: the water enters that mucus, everyone is happy. However, the benefits of irrigation of the nose can go deeper.

Your nose is covered with small structures called rzęskami. The hair, reminiscent of the layout (it’s true – you have more nose hair than you thought) help in przepychaniu of mucus in the stomach or the nose. It helps in speeding up the elimination of allergens and pathogens, accelerating the treatment process and maintain a healthy body buzz.

The salt solution that is used with flower pots Neti helps rzęskom more effectively carry out their work. Because you control a powerful stream of water through the nasal cavity, all those germs and dirt will be washed away, leaving clean nostrils and cleaner lashes.

Doctors often prescribe the use of Neti pots after any nasal surgery because they help prevent blood clotting inside the nasal cavity. They can also help in the States, such as chronic sinusitis, rhinitis and respiratory infections, and prevention halitozie and reducing seasonal congestion.

One of the hidden benefits of nasal irrigation in the treatment of problems with the sinuses is reducing demand for antibiotics. This reduces the risk of development of antibiotic resistance in patients, and it may in the long run pay dividends for your health.

How to best use your Bank Neti
When using a Neti pot can be easy – simply insert the nozzle into the nose to fill in – it does not mean that there are no ways to increase its effectiveness. These tips and guidelines on what your nose will remain clear and clean.

First, do not use water from the tap if you can avoid it. While most of the water transport includes cleaning products such as chlorine does not always kill all bacteria in the middle, and the last thing you want to do is introduction of infection in the respiratory tract, while you are trying to wash. Instead, use distilled water or if you have, use the water from the filter.

Because you’ll want to add sodium in the water, it is important to find the right salt for a taste of Your nose. Lots of pots have pre-mixed packages, made of salt and baking soda; these are best if you are just starting out. When you really start to rely on your Neti pot to survive the whole day you can explore the best amount of sodium for use, but zaczekałbym until you’re sure that you stop before you cross-examine your shopkeeper on the nose Salt.

Finally, keep the pot clean. Rinsing it after each use is a must and you will receive additional monetary compensation if you use boiling water after washing. Be sure to wash it with soap and water every few days or put in the dishwasher, if she’s safe. Believe me – absolutely no need to glue the crunchy, nasty nose in the nose if you are trying to maintain health.