Best Music Stands 2017

They all look the same.” So my mother said. I was a child and took me to chose a music stand for my electric guitar. We were in the narrow shop, where all stands the music was pushed into the corner. The question of worker, we had no real way to distinguish one of these posts from the second.

Fortunately, a lot has changed since then. Today, consumers have the luxury to carry out research before committing. If you are in the market for stand music, the first thing to consider is what you need for this. Suppose that you take, for example, the lessons. In this case, you need a base that is foldable. If you ride a Bicycle or walk on these lessons, you need a stand case with shoulder strap.

On the other hand, if you are a professional musician, you need a reliable stand that does not topple over. You will also need a stand of sturdy shelf that will allow you mixing multiple sheets, or microscopes – at the same time. If you play outside, you’ll need a stand with clips to protect the notes. If you play with a team, each member has the same model and color.

In addition, you just want to make sure that the stand is adjustable. We also want to confirm that the feet have protectors or rubber lining to metal or aluminum to protect from scratching the floor.

Some hacks on the music stand, which are convenient, easy and fun
The term “music stand” conjures up images of a conductor, chamber music or soloist in the space of attempts to independently implement the movement. Oddly enough, the stand on music can be rearranged for any number of things. Let’s look at some interesting things that people are using these standów in their homes.

Music stand is not designed to store books in hardcover, for example, but of course it can be used to store logs, if you happen to stick to the recipe, and I get up. Music stand can be equally well used to refer to the instructions step by step, which you can find in the manual of the house.

Music stand can serve as a high post for each digital tablet. In fact, you can even use this tablet as a processor of text, assuming that you can connect a keyboard to the USB. Either that or relax and watch the video when she sits on the couch. Placing the tablet on an adjustable stand, this means that you don’t need to hold it in hands or to base it on his knees.

If the base of the tripod musical a tripod, there’s a chance that it can be disabled. With a little manual work you can use this mini tripod, storage, camera, mirror, handle or telescope. You can also disable the adjustable pole stands with one of his clips (used to hold the music sheet), to create a cube for a selfie. There are many apps that allow you to take photos with gestures instead of a remote.

A brief history of the musical bench
The music stand was originally invented already in the year 200 BC by the ancient Chinese. However, these stands do not become reality only 1500 years later, during the European Renaissance . The more subtle and polyphonic a music track or a symphonic movement – the more dependent the individual musicians have notation. Old sheets of music written by hand, not until Gutenberg invented the first printing machine in 1440. This moment was followed by a clear difference in how each track team was assigned and performed.

Early stand with music was made of wood, and some models supported shaft, which can be adjusted by means of a screw. In the nineteenth century, metal was much more than replacing the wood. Modern stands are eventually passed from the submission of the development, providing, thus, easier to transport. Standard screw is used to adjust the rack was replaced with a metal flange. Height adjustment had changed from minute to second.

For all the technological changes over the last 50 years, modern music stand has remained largely unchanged. Some models are more efficient by some, while others have been developed with additional features and possibly a more solid tripod for support. In the final analysis, the main difference should be the choice.It’s a buyers market, if we are talking about stand music, which means that when a sufficient number of studies is much easier to find a stand that is perfect for You.