Best Mp3 Players 2017

I think we can safely say that music is the most direct, exciting art form. A close-up photograph natychmiastowoĹ›ci, but can not achieve the same level of stimulation physical and emotional , that can music. Many photos touched me, but I can’t remember that someone brings me to tears or shakes on an exciting event; it’s the music that reaches into us like nothing else.

This is how you choose the music in itself, largely depends on the environment. I doubt that you, for example, decided to use the MP3 player in the house. Then you can blast your favorite tracks without using headphones.

Of course, if you have the correct configuration of speakers and a compatible music player, you can use the same MP3 player, which is usually connected with a good set of headphones to the gym to pump up the glorious rhythms of home system.

This is because all MP3 players are the easiest way device carrier with its own power source. Currently the vault is much less popular than the memory semiconductor markets, so before we get to the interface, just the battery and memory.

The amount of memory and the capacity of this battery will have something to do with how you will get on your MP3 player to another, but this was a key interface will make the difference.

You can store thousands of tracks on any portable MP3 player and play them on almost any carrier. The way you can access this songs and albums is different from the extremely simple interfaces that are relevant to the origins of the ipod, for more complex models of modern Apple devices and Android.

These more advanced MP3 players not only retain and reproduce Your music as well as support the full set of apps for each platform, performing, basically, everything that the iPhone can’t do without a function call.

Music only music but music
We discussed various possibilities for some MP3 players, and more profound understanding of these differences will allow you the perspective you need to make the best choice of them. At first glance, Apple seems to be king of the hill, but if I remember playing this game as a child, the king from time to time lose the hill, so keep an open mind to other opportunities.

At this point, the memory space is almost trivial. Yes, you pay a bit more to accommodate more songs, videos, photos, etc. On the device, but you have the opportunity to save a small amount of money and space restrictions. If you audiofilem with several bezstratnymi content audio , you will need as much space as you can earn. If you are more accustomed to streaming audio, lower bit rate, will not show user and you can download something with a smaller amount of space.

Now you may be interested in colors similar to the candy and the spectacular applications offered by Apple, and that’s perfectly understandable; continue to offer the largest selection of apps on any platform. However, if you do not have access to the application, you can get a lot of work due to prostszemu interface. It’s bright, colorful screen ipod with all of these fancy cartoons, which quickly drain your battery. Without these variables you have the MP3 player, which will be much better took care of you while traveling through the countryside with difficult access to electricity.

If all your MP3 player plays music, it may take more time to have the best battery life and save a lot of money. The music, and it’s just music, but Hey, it’s still music.

Thank you very much, Steve
When more and more immersed in advanced technology of the XXI century, it seems that our collective memory strengthened the position of Steve jobs as the inventor of the MP3 player. It’s simply not true.

Long before the filming of the players appear on the market in 2001, companies such as AT & T and Saehan, we offer digital audio players with memory internal and external, and even the ability to download music from the Internet and sync with the smaller flash memory card for playback. In front of them, of course, was the portable Walkman cassette players and portable CD players Discman, which was more of a mess than anything else.

However, we can give Steve the credit for changing the game. Shortly after, the first generation ipod, jobs and his team at Apple realized that can centralize a variety of entertainment platforms on a single device that exceeds the limits of music.

In 2007 , shortly after the release of the first-generation iPhone, Apple released the first generation touch iPods, which used all the advantages of the technology of the first iPhone without a contract mobile phone and opportunities.

Since then, some companies have tried to duplicate the Apple interface, offering apps and touch screens together with MP3 playback, while others stuck with the tried and real method of delivery just music to its clients.