Best Motorcycle Alarms 2017

The first line of defense of your car against theft are the locks on the doors. The closed car interferes with a potential thief entrance to the cabin without the use of force. If the offender click on their violation, in addition to the gateway and force entrance, or by using a tool, or just breaking a window, another line of defense most cars is their security system.

On the other hand, motorcycles don’t have doors that can be closed, no Windows, no winding. Their only protection before a determined and experienced thief, so is an alarm clock. Without alarm of the motorcycle , your bike is at risk of theft, even if it is protected by a chain or another type of lock – unfortunately, even the most durable chains or locks will only cause the release of dizzy; won’t stop theft. However, a large motorcycle alarm can alert you and anyone in the neighborhood about the attempted theft, and a lot of anxiety, maybe even make it so that the bike will temporarily stop working udaremniając nefarious purpose the thief even if nobody will study the call of the alarm clock.

There are many types of motorcycle alarms that sound a siren; this is the most typical feature of these systems. Some devices block the wheels of the bike, not giving even a thief from stealing a vehicle if it can not physically throw him in a truck or a van (which is unlikely in most full-size bikes). This type of signals are a good option for the cyclist who is far from your cycle and probably won’t be able to respond to cries of alarm. Others use a silent alarm that alerts you about the theft in the course, allowing you to contact the authorities and / or answer, without notice to criminals that their activities were discovered. No matter which alarm system you choose, don’t go without this device.

It is widely accepted among experts on criminology that most of the devices that block the wheel of a car will not prevent the criminals to steal the vehicle. However, it is solely a matter of those units; rather, they seek to make the attempted theft of the car seemed more cumbersome and less attractive, guiding the thief to send your attempt. The motorcycle can be protected in the same way, adding the other protection.

For example, the disc brake is attached to the spokes of the motorcycle wheels and cause the bike is not running until until it is demolished. A crook who wants to steal your bike, you must first remove the lock, which can give more time to people the reaction caused by vibration signal, which triggers the thief. Thick chain Bicycle safety may also hinder and / or slow down the thief. Every second that you people work to unlock or to cut the chain, it is the time in which to spend time away from their property. Pairing with a silent alarm may be the best way to protect the bike, and catch a criminal, at the same time.

What they do, alarms motorcycle?
Almost all signals of the motorcycle have one common feature, namely the ability to generate siren sounds with rozszczepiającym ears , generally, was at a level significantly above 120 dB. This incredibly loud sound-this is beneficial for two reasons: first, it can be heard from afar, even in the house or office, preventing, thus, You and others that there is a problem that deserves immediate response. Second, approximately 120 dB siren is so loud and unpleasant that people without hearing protection is likely to recede instantly, tearing the attempted theft. (In fact, the sound volume of 120 dB can cause short-term hearing damage, the price that every thief deserves to pay).

It is a good idea to review the system sensor, regional , especially if you live in the suburbs or in the countryside or parked the bike in a special Parking space or garage. When they are enabled, these systems emit a signal when someone is approaching too close to the bike, indicating a full signal at the moment of contact. The regional sensor is not a viable option for use in crowded places because pedestrians and other vehicles will be permanently off.

Some protective devices motorcycles do not emit sound alarm, but rather, transmit the data to the receiver or to your smartphone when the device detects vibration or when the bike is turned on. It’s a quiet approach anxiety can help to catch thieves in the act. Such units often have the ability to GPS tracking , so even if the scammer will give motocyklowi, it is easy to apply and to put before the court. These devices can help you recover your property and the potential to help the thief in złodziejce, and not only scare the offender back into the shadows at the sound of the signal.

The statistics of theft of motorcycles
On American streets and roads circulate many motorcycles. According to the report of the Ministry of Transport, in 2011, there were about 8 410 000 motorcycles in the Us. Let us now consider the number of motorcycles stolen this year, which in the 2012-2015 period averaged a little below 45,000 burglaries a year. This means that your bike has roughly one percent of the chances of theft in a given year if you provide these numbers directly.

However, further studies show that the statistics of theft of motorcycles differ significantly depending on place. As it turns out, in new York typically leads the nation in terms of stolen bikes, and then Las Vegas, then to San Diego. The residents of these cities should be particularly careful in public bike Parking. (For interest, the next most common town to steal per resident of Indianapolis, and then in Miami.)

If we are talking about your * the most common incidents associated with theft of motorcycles, they are as follows in descending order: California, Florida, Texas and North Carolina. This makes sense, given the mild climate in these States, where conditions riding a motorcycle, as a rule, more profitable.

In General, the country recorded a small decrease in the number of thefts of motorcycles in the last year for which we have complete data; In 2015. Recorded a 1% decrease in these crimes. This, however, is cold comfort to many annual victims of this crime, especially in light of another statistic: 61% of stolen motorcycles are never recovered for their owners. Another good reason to prevent theft in the first place.