Best Monoculars 2017

The earliest functional telescopes were designed by Dutch creators of the performances in the first years of the XVII century. In 1609, Italian astronomer (also mathematician, philosopher and scientist) wrote a lot, Galileo Galilei developed an improved version of these first telescopes refraction. Pointed it to the sky, becoming the first person who knew that he saw the heavenly object, thus carved for vision with the naked eye.

With these primitive optical instruments zstąpiłeś all of the Observatory to the Hubble Space Telescope , binoculars, hidden in the backpack of a tourist. And conceived something else: the field of modern astronomy and understanding the universe.

Currently, there are many reasons why someone may want to expand their vision on a large distance. With appropriate optical equipment you can enjoy the best views of a sporting event, concert or parade. Enhanced vision for long distances is important for bird watching and other activities related to nature or hunting. In a tactical situation, such as a police officer milestones or scenario of combat, they are more visible from a greater distance, the safer they and the team remain, and the better you can monitor developing events.

Look at large distances can also be important for various professional applications such as the study area before development or learning of city streets or highways before the improvement project or repair. Of course, the observer of the stars needs good optics to better enjoy the bodies of the blue.

The choice of a suitable device for your needs viewed at large distances may not require to consider using the massive telescope astrograficznego, but still one should remember about several issues.

Why binoculars are often better than binoculars
If there is one main reason why monokular often a better choice than a pair of binoculars is the weight. Because of its nature binoculars usually weigh twice that monokular about the equivalent power increase. If you are installing the kit for use in a tactical situation or you trekkeriem or a rock climber, carrying your equipment long distances, it is important that the weight.

While many people prefer stereoscopic vision through the binoculars, which plays as the human eye can see together when you’re trying to see a clear object or a limited area without a great depth, flat look monokularu can help you easier to isolate the image .

Because binoculars usually allow you to adjust the sharpness for both eyes, a Central regulator that controls the two set of optics and one side of the device with another ring for precise settings (most people have a slightly different quality of vision in each eye) can ensure clear view at the same. This means, however, also more effort is required to obtain a clear image, and this means more opportunities for wrong focal length optics, which can cause frustration, fatigue and it can interfere with the vision at a distance, instead of help him.

Monocles also offers increased potential for situational awareness , because you can keep your eyes on the object or area from a distance, and, simultaneously, to open the second eye, to quickly check the area closest to his personality. This can be critical in combat situations or emergencies.

The choice of a suitable monokularu for You
The first thing you should pay attention to when considering which monokular you buy, is the power increase . But keep in mind the fact that stronger is not always better. Their capacity will increase more the more difficult to keep the focus and sharpness. If you hope to get a better view of objects that are not so far away, or if you appreciate a wider field of view to a greater extent of view, instead of having to search monokularu increase of the average range on a single with great force.

Choice monokularu with zoom function-can help to ease the problem of too big power, but with increasing and pomniejszaniu there is still more difficulty in achieving perfect focus, so explore the function of supplying and taking pictures with zoom.

Then consider what time of the day, which will be used monokular. Many of monocultures has an incredible ability to collect light and works well even in the dark. Still others have a real vision ability in night time by sending your own infrared light, which can be detected thanks to their specialized soczewkom. Night vision Monokular, it is a great idea for many scientists working in nature or for use in tactical situations. However, most monokularów that work well at night, has lenses objectively worse in daylight. If you are going to use the optical equipment during the day, you have more opportunities for good monokularu.

Ultimately, choosing the right monokularu can lead to its physical size and weight . If you are a traveler who regularly transfers large amounts of equipment on his back, every ounce is important. Choose a smaller monokular and enjoy whatever he gives you, even if other larger models have better zoom. If you are not interested in weight reducer, this is, of course, choose large enough so that it can be used as a telescope while hunting or as a compact telescope to view dotted.