Best Money Belts 2017

Belt money, this is a brilliant way to protect cash. Most of the belts with money is designed to be worn next to the body, hidden under clothing, which are stacked so that the hands of a thief can never hope to access your stuff, if they even know that you have items that can be stolen. In short, the zone of money to help You save money. To be honest, to remember these built-in clothes stripes with the money, just sell it short: in the end, a good belt with money can easily accommodate everything from currency, passport, tickets, phone, keys and more. And most can have from ten to twenty dollars, easy to pay the price to protect your valuables.

When you are in the market for a belt money, you need to consider all the elements that absolutely needs to be safe. If all you need to protect that cash and maybe a credit card and ID, choose the cheapest belt you can find. Even the most elastic, the body still adds the layer to the dress and can do that, like mobile and sedentary would be less convenient. The best way to keep the comfort and freedom of movements is to use a small money belt, and pack it as easy as possible.

If you want to carry a large amount of cash, cards and other items, the wider the belt, the money in order. Look for options with several different pockets and compartments, because then you can set various items that you need to have on hand to maximize Your comfort. (Or to minimize discomfort, to describe it more precisely.)

Then you need to consider the type of classes that you will be doing while wearing the money belt. Secure cash and documents in order and fine but the dress that’s numb and annoying during a walk or hike would be as annoying as it would be encouraged to guard against theft. Select belt for the money, which can be easily adjusted to get a stronger or weaker coordination if necessary, and consider one that has a branch or the top rear surface, which will not cause excessive friction during prolonged and / or active use.

If you know that going to the place where the assault is very likely, or if you expect to receive from corrupt officials or the police, consider a belt with money with built-in storage compartment . It can be amazing grace for a journalist who is trying to protect your data, press releases, for example, or for any traveler who wants to leave most of the cash in the safe after he gave the amount of bait basic pocket belt money.

Other accessories to ensure the safety during the trip
Many belts of funds has a built-in RFID blocking technology that can help prevent theft Your credit card or other information, a criminal with a scanner RFID. (RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a method of access to data stored on the microprocessor associated with a tiny antenna. There is a high probability that many credit cards and debit cards in your wallet now specially equipped). The belt doesn’t offer this feature, and then consider a portfolio of RFID blocking . Many such portfolios is compact enough to conveniently install them in the panel on the money.

If the objects are too large to undo the person, instead of to protect them in other ways. Consider buying a lock for your laptop that will help you to protect the valuable laptop or tablet. While traveling you may not have special places for storage of the computer, so instead of fix it. These locks can help you to connect your laptop or tablet for any hard or heavy object, such as fencing the table.

Take also into account tracker Luggage with integrated mikroczipem that will help You keep track of your bags. This is useful not only in order to ensure that Your belongings are traveling through the airport and for the flight, but can be invaluable for tracking lost or stolen Luggage. You can choose the smart tag porter, which will spinaƂ directly in the bag and can help prevent theft in the first place, or you can choose a stealthy approach and insert the tracker in the bag where it would remain invisible.

What to look for in the region of pickpockets
Experienced thieves know how to spot an easy “mark” and, as a rule, commit an act of theft, and the victim does not know that they were then sued until before it’s too late to have something to do with it. But as an experienced thief can spot a soft target, trained, sharp eye can identify the pickpocket.

Kieszonkowie pickpockets usually grab wallet, phone, camera or money after helping a seemingly harmless physical contact . So, if anyone of you stumble or bump into you, immediately, make sure that you will be robbed. You only have a few seconds to do it. Also affect an immediate feeling of heightened alertness, if someone starts to engage you in an unexpected conversation. One of the more common methods of theft is to work in tandem with one person / diffusion goal, while the second ends with the actual theft pocket.

Beware of those who are watching You, especially after leaving the Bank or before leaving the store or shopping Mall. Thieves know when, most likely, you have more money on his person and use the opportunity.

One of the reliable ways to avoid becoming a victim of theft kieszonkowej is the wearing of a portfolio of lures that you are willing to lose. Put a cheap wallet containing a dollar or two, and a few random receipts and such within reach, such as sticking out of your back pocket and you can almost be assured that your valuables will remain intact, even if you don’t have them secured) the belt of money).